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John Malkovich’s Snow Angel – the finished film! May 15, 2008

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A few weeks ago I posted those first images from the John Malkovich animation, well the final film has just been finished and oh my, it’s rather wonderful.

The project was for Sony Vaio, we asked the ever brilliant Malkovich to write the first scene to a script and then asked everyone else to collaborate on the following scenes. We got tonnes of submissions from some amazing people, everyone from hairdressers through to professional script writers. Malkovich chose his favourite each month, from which everyone then wrote the following scene. We carried on like this until we had the finished script. The whole thing together is rather surreal, as you’d expect, but I love how it’s worked out. The final film is so kooky, and a little bit creepy!

I’m dead pleased that we managed to get it made into a film, it’s so nice for all the winners of the project to get something like that back for all their hard work.

So, with a big trumpet fanfare, here is Snow Angel…


3 Responses to “John Malkovich’s Snow Angel – the finished film!”

  1. […] From the Sony VAIO Help ‘John Malkovich’ write his next script project. After you’ve watched the viddy you might want to read the full script in some silly attempt to figure it all out. More background info about the project here and here. […]

  2. […] More from Dare A recent collaborative animation made for Sony Vaio in conjunction with John Malkovich. Again from Helen Lawrence at Dare, it’s her day! […]

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