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John Malkovich script project April 17, 2008

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One of the first pieces of work that I got stuck into on arriving at Dare last year was the lovely script project for Sony Vaio with John Malkovich. John wrote the first scene to a story and each month he asked writers to complete the next scene. A winner was chosen in month and the story progressed from there. The final script is finished and is really rather wonderful. It’ll now be made into short film animation and I’ve just seen the first character images. I love them, especially the mother and the contortionist. I can’t wait to see the final film and to send it to all the winners from each stage of the project.

The final script can be seen here

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  1. […] From the Sony VAIO Help ‘John Malkovich’ write his next script project. After you’ve watched the viddy you might want to read the full script in some silly attempt to figure it all out. More background info about the project here. […]

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