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Wikipedia visits higher than MySpace or official pages for bands March 31, 2008

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I’m going through my backlog of emails this morning. How fun. I found an article from last week on Mashable about how web users go to Wikipedia pages for bands more than they do MySpace pages or dedicated sites. Apparently it’s by a 2:1 ratio, which is rather a lot really.

Of course, and as the article mentions, it’s easier to get info quickly from a wikipedia page – it’s all on one page and arranged nicely with no snazzy colours and bad design messing life up. But for me the main reason I use Wikipedia over MySpace is simply that I can never find anything on MySpace. Their search function is utterly terrible. When looking for specific pages on MySpace I often navigate out of MySpace, onto Google and type in something like ‘Post Office MySpace’ (they have a MySpace page, you know, it’s rather good).

Though interestingly MySpace say they have over 3 million artists on the network, with Wikipedia only claiming tens of thousands. Could this be because artist pages on Wikipedia are so very difficult to set up? I tried it once for the marching band and quickly gave up when I hit a zillion dead ends. I wonder if when they make this easier and allow track streaming we might see this ratio go nearer to the 10000:1 mark…

p.s. if anyone does know how to set up a wikipedia artist page then do let me know!

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