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Maybe Gordon Brown will now implement a law that makes everyone eat cheesecake for breakfast March 28, 2008

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This is rather a weird email to receive; usually I hear tales about the government tracking people from friends who watch too much TV rather than an email from Number 10 telling me that they are indeed following me.

But this week Downing Street launched their own twitter account ( It’s rather nice really, the tone is very laid back and not just a stream of manifesto ideas. It tracks the PM’s day as well as accounts of press briefings. I’d like a bit more editorial within the posts, rather than just a link to their press page for the latest updates but I guess it’s easier to sum up your plans for lunch in 140 characters than it is to describe a political ideology.

Maybe this should start a new way of coming up with political ideas. If you can’t describe it in less than 140 characters then it shouldn’t be allowed. It’d make life a lot more simple.

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