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Diary of the Dead March 18, 2008

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Zombies + MySpace chatter = great film? Hmmm… possibly not. I went to see Romero’s Diary of the Dead last night, hoping for a bit of a gore fest and some sweet popcorn. Because nothing in the world is better than sweet popcorn.

Diary of the Dead follows a bunch of students trying to find their way back home after a big zombie outbreak occurs. They’re film students and also able to click a mouse, so of course they upload their footage of the outbreak to the internet. Romero’s films have always had some kind of social commentary – racism, consumerism and now it’s social media.

It’s all handheld shaking camera work, and plenty of scenes that were just pitch black. ooohhh… the suspense. It sounds great, but there is only one scene in this film, it’s just repeated for nearly two hours…

It’s dark, there might be a zombie in the room, a girl is scared and a boy is filming
Girl: stop filming, help me, you don’t have to blog everything you do, sometimes you need to wake up to reality
Boy: i’m helping the blogosphere regardless of whether or not I get eaten
Girl: arrrghhh! a zombie! kill it!
Boy: no! I’m uploading!
Girl: aaargghh! i’m being attacked!
Other cast member emerges from background: I’ll save you! (shoots zombie in the head incredibly accurately)
Girl: Yay!
Other cast member: oh no, i’m bitten!
Boy: yes! i got it all on film
Girl: you’re such a dick.


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