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Lego Touch March 7, 2008

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I’ve said it a million times before, but I love Lego’s digital work. If I had to pack up my box at Dare and then choose any company in the world to work for I’d pick Lego without a moment’s hesitation.

Firstly, their site has something called the Lego Factory Digital Designer, a programme for your desktop that allows you to build anything you want with virtual bricks. When you’re finished and happy with your design you can either click through and purchase every brick needed to make the design or print the list off to take into a shop. Wonderful. I’d play with this all day if either my boss or bank manager allowed it. You can also browse other people’s creations and buy those, it’s a bit like Lego took over every floor of Hamleys.

Then this morning I discovered Lego Touch, a lovely little app for the iPhone SDK. It’s similar to the Factory in that it allows you to build Lego creations on your iPhone, using the touch screen, though obviously you are somewhat limited in the size of the creations you can build. I can’t see people creating giant cities on this. Once you have built your masterpiece you can send it on to friends for ‘build off’ challenges, oh how wonderful! It’ll be interesting to see the types of apps that come through now developers can get all clever with the iPhone.

This Lego app is even tempting me to buy an iPhone, though I might wait until they develop one that doesn’t transfer all your make up onto the screen after a call, it’s just icky.

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