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Wikipedia visits higher than MySpace or official pages for bands March 31, 2008

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I’m going through my backlog of emails this morning. How fun. I found an article from last week on Mashable about how web users go to Wikipedia pages for bands more than they do MySpace pages or dedicated sites. Apparently it’s by a 2:1 ratio, which is rather a lot really.

Of course, and as the article mentions, it’s easier to get info quickly from a wikipedia page – it’s all on one page and arranged nicely with no snazzy colours and bad design messing life up. But for me the main reason I use Wikipedia over MySpace is simply that I can never find anything on MySpace. Their search function is utterly terrible. When looking for specific pages on MySpace I often navigate out of MySpace, onto Google and type in something like ‘Post Office MySpace’ (they have a MySpace page, you know, it’s rather good).

Though interestingly MySpace say they have over 3 million artists on the network, with Wikipedia only claiming tens of thousands. Could this be because artist pages on Wikipedia are so very difficult to set up? I tried it once for the marching band and quickly gave up when I hit a zillion dead ends. I wonder if when they make this easier and allow track streaming we might see this ratio go nearer to the 10000:1 mark…

p.s. if anyone does know how to set up a wikipedia artist page then do let me know!

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Maybe Gordon Brown will now implement a law that makes everyone eat cheesecake for breakfast March 28, 2008

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This is rather a weird email to receive; usually I hear tales about the government tracking people from friends who watch too much TV rather than an email from Number 10 telling me that they are indeed following me.

But this week Downing Street launched their own twitter account ( It’s rather nice really, the tone is very laid back and not just a stream of manifesto ideas. It tracks the PM’s day as well as accounts of press briefings. I’d like a bit more editorial within the posts, rather than just a link to their press page for the latest updates but I guess it’s easier to sum up your plans for lunch in 140 characters than it is to describe a political ideology.

Maybe this should start a new way of coming up with political ideas. If you can’t describe it in less than 140 characters then it shouldn’t be allowed. It’d make life a lot more simple.

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Leona Lewis’ success has gone largely unnoticed for the past 19 years March 27, 2008

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From the BBC homepage today:

She’s clearly older than we thought.


Diary of the Dead March 18, 2008

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Zombies + MySpace chatter = great film? Hmmm… possibly not. I went to see Romero’s Diary of the Dead last night, hoping for a bit of a gore fest and some sweet popcorn. Because nothing in the world is better than sweet popcorn.

Diary of the Dead follows a bunch of students trying to find their way back home after a big zombie outbreak occurs. They’re film students and also able to click a mouse, so of course they upload their footage of the outbreak to the internet. Romero’s films have always had some kind of social commentary – racism, consumerism and now it’s social media.

It’s all handheld shaking camera work, and plenty of scenes that were just pitch black. ooohhh… the suspense. It sounds great, but there is only one scene in this film, it’s just repeated for nearly two hours…

It’s dark, there might be a zombie in the room, a girl is scared and a boy is filming
Girl: stop filming, help me, you don’t have to blog everything you do, sometimes you need to wake up to reality
Boy: i’m helping the blogosphere regardless of whether or not I get eaten
Girl: arrrghhh! a zombie! kill it!
Boy: no! I’m uploading!
Girl: aaargghh! i’m being attacked!
Other cast member emerges from background: I’ll save you! (shoots zombie in the head incredibly accurately)
Girl: Yay!
Other cast member: oh no, i’m bitten!
Boy: yes! i got it all on film
Girl: you’re such a dick.


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Being so tired that only mediocrity will suffice March 10, 2008

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This weekend I watched three rather shite films, simply because I was too exhausted for anything else.

1. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End

Dead man not taking souls back to heaven, alive man wants to be immortal, some heart needs to be stabbed, a goddess of the sea loves the dead man, a girl loves a boy, boy betrays her, big storm happens, some pirates have a secret club, some people like Jack, others don’t, there’s a compass that doesn’t work, girl’s dad dies, the boat has to go upside down, posh english men want to stab the heart, lots of boats fight each other and a dad sacrifices himself for son.

Confusing, too long and not even a Keith Richards cameo kept me interested.

2. Run Fatboy Run

Simon Pegge tries to win back his ex by running the London Marathon. He succeeds. Her areshole boyf doesn’t.

Predictable and just not funny, I’m guessing that Pegge had nothing to do with the writing on it, or it would have been miles better.

3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Turtles fight stone army and monsters who both plan to take over world. Turtles win.

Good, only because it is about 20 minutes long. I missed the brain in the belly character though – where did he go?

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Lego Touch March 7, 2008

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I’ve said it a million times before, but I love Lego’s digital work. If I had to pack up my box at Dare and then choose any company in the world to work for I’d pick Lego without a moment’s hesitation.

Firstly, their site has something called the Lego Factory Digital Designer, a programme for your desktop that allows you to build anything you want with virtual bricks. When you’re finished and happy with your design you can either click through and purchase every brick needed to make the design or print the list off to take into a shop. Wonderful. I’d play with this all day if either my boss or bank manager allowed it. You can also browse other people’s creations and buy those, it’s a bit like Lego took over every floor of Hamleys.

Then this morning I discovered Lego Touch, a lovely little app for the iPhone SDK. It’s similar to the Factory in that it allows you to build Lego creations on your iPhone, using the touch screen, though obviously you are somewhat limited in the size of the creations you can build. I can’t see people creating giant cities on this. Once you have built your masterpiece you can send it on to friends for ‘build off’ challenges, oh how wonderful! It’ll be interesting to see the types of apps that come through now developers can get all clever with the iPhone.

This Lego app is even tempting me to buy an iPhone, though I might wait until they develop one that doesn’t transfer all your make up onto the screen after a call, it’s just icky.

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Yo! Gabba Gabba March 4, 2008

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I can’t stop listening to this and dancing along. I think I’ve clocked up 8 views just in the last two hours…

Is it wrong that it really reminds me of Chris?

It’s from a children’s show called Yo! Gabba Gabba, after a bit of research it looks like an amazing show – so far guests have included The Shins, Low, Biz Markie, Elijah Wood, Tony Hawk and Shiny Toy Guns. Blimey.

Is it also wrong that I keep getting Colin McRae and Tony Hawk round the wrong way in my head?