Big Yellow Tutu

an attempt at self control February 29, 2008

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I work right in the centre of London, Oxford St is a 20 second walk away and so I have every shop I could ever want on my doorstep. It’s a very dangerous thing.

My wardrobe is already full, I cannot physically fit another dress in it. There is a strong possibility that I own too many clothes. So this month I am trying to quit the habit of buying clothes and beauty stuff every week. This means no new make up, no new shoes, no new clothes and not even new accessories. It’s remarkably difficult.

I’ve lasted a week so far, but I’ve already had to stop myself from buying:

* new jeans from uniqlo
* new bright red nail varnish
* a plain black t shirt
* black dangly earrings
* highlighter fluid
* a lovely necklace from accesorize
* a stripey dress from Mango
* a subscription to Grazia
* skull earrings
* new undies

And that’s just one week! I am doomed.

Last month I bought:

* a Batwoman t shirt
* a stripey sailor dress
* a red cardi
* a floral blue strappy top
* brown knee high boots
* new foundation
* new concealer
* big black hair clips
* white eyeliner
* a stripey necklace
* tonnes of daftly expensive food from John Lewis’ food hall



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