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Moon Sparkle February 27, 2008

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Back at Holler I worked on a few Escada perfume campaigns for P&G; in my last few months at the agency I was on their new ‘Moonsparkle’ release. We got day trips to Geneva and many afternoons to spend looking at pictures of pretty models. Hard work. The campaign centres around the Moonsparkle band, three models who decide to form a band and make a pop video. Because that’s what models do, obviously.

It’s a bit of an odd idea, but the track that P&G commissioned for the release is utterly brilliant. I have listened to it 100s of times already and will doubtless keep listening to it for many years to come.
I’ve got the mp3 on my computer, so if you’re as easily won over as me then just drop me a comment and I’ll send it over.


One Response to “Moon Sparkle”

  1. memo Says:

    i know this entry was made over a year ago, but i’ve been searching the mp3 of that song i haven’t found it, if you can send it pls at

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