Big Yellow Tutu

February 25, 2008

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Jeremy sent me this brilliant cartoon last week but I’ve only just round to posting it.

For those of you who didn’t know me when I was 14 or 15 ish you should probably be aware that I loved Kula Shaker. Absolutely loved them. Here is my list of shame…

1. I have every single and album in every format released, including ones I couldn’t play (minidisc, and at the time – vinyl)
2. I have books on them
3. I have t shirts
4. I’ve a drawer full of taped off the radio gig bootlegs
5. I bought in store promo items on eBay
6. I went to see them live
7. I went to see Crispian Mills on his solo tour with the backing band ‘Pi’
8. I went to see his new band The Jeevas
9. I bought the Jeevas albums
10. I went to the Kula Shaker reunion tour, and kept my AAA passes to add to the collection.
11. I sent away for the singles box to keep everything in
12. I bought the calendar
13. I’ve a cupboard full of posters
14. I bought a promo version of a single that looked exactly the same as the standard release but had one second more of silence at the start, so the time was different on the cd player clock.
15. I have all the promo versions of singles and albums.
16. I spent years looking for K on vinyl. Years and years.
17. I met them and got them to sign the drumstick I caught at a gig.

I’m sure there are hundreds of even more shameful things to add to that list, but I don’t want anyone to be scarred for life on realising that people can really become obsessed with very shit bands.



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