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This past week February 20, 2008

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I’ve been a bit slack in keeping this blog up to date over the past week, I confess that I’ve been busy re-doing my Bebo profile for the past few days, trying to get back into using it again. I still only have four friends, even my sister won’t accept my friends request.

I’ve been quite busy over the last week, so over the course of the day I’ll try to post a few thoughts about it all. Films from the weekend seems a good place to start.

We’ve lived in gang-infested Brixton for about a year now and I feel woefully detached from the community there. I rarely go to any shops on the high street and don’t really venture to the bars. On Friday night we made our debut appearance at the lovely Ritzy cinema. It’s owned by the same people as Clapham Picture House, the two cinemas are very similar – nice bar, decent wine, arty films and posh people everywhere. You can get Green & Blacks chocolate from the sweets stand, it’s that kind of place…

We followed on the chipper middle class route and saw Juno – an unoffensive, reasonably schmaltzy look at teenage pregnancy and adoption. I imagine the mothers of the audience breathed a sigh of relief on seeing that if their darling 16 yr old girl got pregnant then she’d probably make a joke about it and then deal with the whole thing reasonably well.

The film is very funny though and well worth watching, Ellen Page is truly sweet in it.

We watched Sweeney Todd on Sunday, another film which is stunning but exactly what you expect it to be. Maybe I should read less reviews and watch less clips before going to see movies? It is strange to feel so little when coming out of a film that was beautifully shot, wonderfully acted, brilliantly scored and fantastically funny.

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