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Andrew Lloyd Webber plants Hollyoaks actress February 1, 2008

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BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Webber plants Hollyoaks actress

This is all very upsetting. Hollyoak’s favourite posho, Summer Shaw, is not any ordinary cast member. She was planted in the show three months ago by Andrew Lloyd Webber. The culmination of her story line was her arrival this week in London and being ‘found’ by Andrew L-W. She will now star in The Sound Of Music. Ugh.

I don’t care that I tend to do this kind of thing for my job sometimes, this is just wrong. Hollyoaks should exist in it’s own absurd little bubble and NEVER cross over into real life. There is simply no similarity between Hollyoaks and reality and there never should be. We love it because of it’s total denial of what a real life is like.

Look at Justin

  • dad topped himself
  • he lived on the streets
  • starting stealing stuff to support his weed habit
  • pushed Darlene through a window
  • went to a boot camp
  • blew up a school
  • accused of murder
  • escaped youth detention centre
  • had an affair with his teacher
  • got her pregnant
  • then got her jailed for sex with a minor
  • found out the baby was his on the day it needed a transplant
  • she died in prison after being stabbed by an inmate
  • got involved with local ruffians and dug up dead bodies
  • hit by a van
  • pushed Clare off the roof
  • stole money from the club

I haven’t done any of these things. I’d feel like I could write an autobiography if even one of these events entered my life.

I’m so upset.

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