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an attempt at self control February 29, 2008

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I work right in the centre of London, Oxford St is a 20 second walk away and so I have every shop I could ever want on my doorstep. It’s a very dangerous thing.

My wardrobe is already full, I cannot physically fit another dress in it. There is a strong possibility that I own too many clothes. So this month I am trying to quit the habit of buying clothes and beauty stuff every week. This means no new make up, no new shoes, no new clothes and not even new accessories. It’s remarkably difficult.

I’ve lasted a week so far, but I’ve already had to stop myself from buying:

* new jeans from uniqlo
* new bright red nail varnish
* a plain black t shirt
* black dangly earrings
* highlighter fluid
* a lovely necklace from accesorize
* a stripey dress from Mango
* a subscription to Grazia
* skull earrings
* new undies

And that’s just one week! I am doomed.

Last month I bought:

* a Batwoman t shirt
* a stripey sailor dress
* a red cardi
* a floral blue strappy top
* brown knee high boots
* new foundation
* new concealer
* big black hair clips
* white eyeliner
* a stripey necklace
* tonnes of daftly expensive food from John Lewis’ food hall



Moon Sparkle February 27, 2008

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Back at Holler I worked on a few Escada perfume campaigns for P&G; in my last few months at the agency I was on their new ‘Moonsparkle’ release. We got day trips to Geneva and many afternoons to spend looking at pictures of pretty models. Hard work. The campaign centres around the Moonsparkle band, three models who decide to form a band and make a pop video. Because that’s what models do, obviously.

It’s a bit of an odd idea, but the track that P&G commissioned for the release is utterly brilliant. I have listened to it 100s of times already and will doubtless keep listening to it for many years to come.
I’ve got the mp3 on my computer, so if you’re as easily won over as me then just drop me a comment and I’ll send it over.


February 25, 2008

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Jeremy sent me this brilliant cartoon last week but I’ve only just round to posting it.

For those of you who didn’t know me when I was 14 or 15 ish you should probably be aware that I loved Kula Shaker. Absolutely loved them. Here is my list of shame…

1. I have every single and album in every format released, including ones I couldn’t play (minidisc, and at the time – vinyl)
2. I have books on them
3. I have t shirts
4. I’ve a drawer full of taped off the radio gig bootlegs
5. I bought in store promo items on eBay
6. I went to see them live
7. I went to see Crispian Mills on his solo tour with the backing band ‘Pi’
8. I went to see his new band The Jeevas
9. I bought the Jeevas albums
10. I went to the Kula Shaker reunion tour, and kept my AAA passes to add to the collection.
11. I sent away for the singles box to keep everything in
12. I bought the calendar
13. I’ve a cupboard full of posters
14. I bought a promo version of a single that looked exactly the same as the standard release but had one second more of silence at the start, so the time was different on the cd player clock.
15. I have all the promo versions of singles and albums.
16. I spent years looking for K on vinyl. Years and years.
17. I met them and got them to sign the drumstick I caught at a gig.

I’m sure there are hundreds of even more shameful things to add to that list, but I don’t want anyone to be scarred for life on realising that people can really become obsessed with very shit bands.



How lovely February 21, 2008

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I’m tired, a bit grumpy and very hungry. This makes it all better though – Klaxons and Rihanna doing Umbrella at last night’s Brit awards…


This past week February 20, 2008

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I’ve been a bit slack in keeping this blog up to date over the past week, I confess that I’ve been busy re-doing my Bebo profile for the past few days, trying to get back into using it again. I still only have four friends, even my sister won’t accept my friends request.

I’ve been quite busy over the last week, so over the course of the day I’ll try to post a few thoughts about it all. Films from the weekend seems a good place to start.

We’ve lived in gang-infested Brixton for about a year now and I feel woefully detached from the community there. I rarely go to any shops on the high street and don’t really venture to the bars. On Friday night we made our debut appearance at the lovely Ritzy cinema. It’s owned by the same people as Clapham Picture House, the two cinemas are very similar – nice bar, decent wine, arty films and posh people everywhere. You can get Green & Blacks chocolate from the sweets stand, it’s that kind of place…

We followed on the chipper middle class route and saw Juno – an unoffensive, reasonably schmaltzy look at teenage pregnancy and adoption. I imagine the mothers of the audience breathed a sigh of relief on seeing that if their darling 16 yr old girl got pregnant then she’d probably make a joke about it and then deal with the whole thing reasonably well.

The film is very funny though and well worth watching, Ellen Page is truly sweet in it.

We watched Sweeney Todd on Sunday, another film which is stunning but exactly what you expect it to be. Maybe I should read less reviews and watch less clips before going to see movies? It is strange to feel so little when coming out of a film that was beautifully shot, wonderfully acted, brilliantly scored and fantastically funny.

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Ouch! February 15, 2008

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I’m an idiot.

I walked down to Oxford Circus tube last night at around 6pm, it was packed with the queues to get through the ticket beep gates. I finally got to the gates, did the whole walk and beep oyster card at the same time thing, only to drop my oyster card.

I’d made it through the gates at this point, my card had dropped behind me. So I turned around, bent down to pick it up, only for the ticket gates to close (really quickly and hard) on my head. Aaarrgghhh! My head was stuck for about half a second, all the hundreds of people around me gasped as I pulled the doors back again and freed my head.

So very very embarrassing.

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Football with binoculars February 6, 2008

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Wednesday has been a very long day, so here’s something to cheer everything up a little…

We moved house at the weekend, I’m utterly exhausted and in such a bad mood. I get really stressed if I can’t find the clothes I want when getting ready in the morning. I usually think through the next day’s outfit when I’m in bed, so waking up to find that my plans have been shattered results in swearing and shouting fits. With everything being in boxes at the moment I’m having daily anger fits. There is a box somewhere that contains all my nice shoes, I can’t find it anywhere. Grrr…