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Lego January 30, 2008

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This year marks 50 years of Lego, though I think it’s actually the 50th anniversary of when they filed for patent of the Lego brick, rather than the company’s launch. Oh well, it’s still worth celebrating.

I revisited my childhood love of Lego about 8 years ago when I was a student. I was living at home and had plenty of room to store all that kind of crap. Somehow I was cool enough as a student to get a job at my town’s only record shop, so obviously the first pay check from that place deserved to be spent on something wonderfully cool too. Only Star Wars Lego could fill this brief. It was an amazing piece of kit from their Mindstorms range. You got a little motor and a program for your PC that hooked the motor up to the computer. You had to build a series of Star Wars robots which had to pass Jedi Knight Apprentice levels before you progressed to building R2D2. I loved this set, and got really rather possessive over it, not letting any family member go near it.

Boing Boing have made a beautiful film showing the construction of Lego’s largest set available – the Millennium Falcon. It got me feeling all nostalgic and so I spent the morning convincing Chris that because we’re moving into a bigger flat we’ve now got room for my Lego and Scalextric. He’s not so keen. Boo.


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