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Wednesdays TV nightmares January 8, 2008

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Despite devoting hundreds of hours to my TV every week, stroking its wires, caressing its screen and kissing the remote it has still decided to spite me. I am very upset. Being an old lady means that I rarely leave the flat, many nights are spent curled up on the sofa gazing adoringly at the screen. I usually only abandon it for one night a week. Wednesdays. So what has Mr TV gone and done? Put my two of my favourite shows on a Wednesday night. Project Catwalk returns to Sky this week and Torchwood follows a week later.

I love Project Runway and Project Catwalk immensely, to the point where I considered started a blog specifically about the new series of Project Catwalk. I love the pretty outfits, the diva fits and even Ben De Lisi. I rarely get home before 11 on Wednesdays, so watching an entire episode of Project Catwalk on coming home would mean that I wasn’t in bed until midnight! Shocking! No genuine old lady would ever consider that.

Sky seem woefully quiet about the new series, very few of the fashion and entertainment sites I read are talking about. Its darned near impossible to find on google, I was lucky to catch the trailer while flicking through Sky last week, otherwise I’d be completely unaware of it’s return. I can’t even find the trailer on YouTube to post here. Silly, silly Sky.

I’m considering staying up all night to watch Project Catwalk and Torchwood back to back. I can stumble into work on a Thursday having not slept at all. But surely having the most up to date knowledge of fashion and aliens is more important than actually being physically capable of doing my job and staying awake?

While I cry into my tea cup and work out what the hell to do, lets enjoy the trailer for series 4 of Lost. xx


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