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Memories of 2007 January 4, 2008

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I’ve stolen this idea from the lovely Julie, she posted her memories of 2007 and they were so nice that I decided to do the same. So, here are just a few of my favourite times of 2007…

Stepping into a stinking, muck infested mud bath in Turkey and worrying about many kids had weed in it.

The first cab trip on getting out the airport in Mumbai. An hour long journey I will never forget.

Eating brekkie in a cafe overlooking a snow covered Clapham Common on the morning of Chris and I moving in to our new flat.

Dancing with the Holler folk till very early in the morning after drinking so many jagerbombs that we weren’t worried about the gun fight going on outside the bar.

Watching Chris get excited about the vegetables he’d grown.

Attempting to Lindy Hop with Julie at classes each week. I miss her very much indeed.

The first creative meeting at Dare, getting very excited by how incredibly talented everyone here is. And of course, getting excited about just how close the big Topshop is to the offices.

Walking out with the Central Band onto Centre Court at Wimbledon on the day of the men’s finals.

Sitting in the blazing sunshine next to Lake Geneva on a business trip with Daniel and Si, drinking very cold beers and pretending to be Jack, Kate and Sawyer.

Listening to Andy sing along when watching our friends play at the Big Band gig in Epsom.

Cycling through the New Forest, getting very lost and getting very confused at high gear = hill, low gear = flat. Or is it the other way round?

Dancing all night to Benny’s band and learning that table service booze is always a brilliant thing.

Working with all the lovely people at Holler; listening to Jasmin talk filth, watching Harmony’s outfits get smaller by the day, having Michelle wow us all with her ability to walk in the highest of heels, stroking Daniel’s head, going for Friday pub lunches, staying in the Coach and Horses all night and learning that drunk couriers will chat up anyone.

Recording at Maida Vale again, even if my clarinet was pretty much completely broken.

Watching Heroes, Lost, Ugly Betty, Project Runway, endless repeats of River Cottage, IT Crowd, Skins and way too much Soccer AM.

Seeing the Young Blood Brass Band and discovering that sousaphones and hip hop can work well together. Blimey.

Stalking Hugh FW in Dorset, walking along the cliff tops and sitting on the beach in the blazing sunshine.

Hearing our Central Band cover of Klaxon’s Gravity’s Rainbow in it’s finished glory.

As Julie said, that night at Lucky Voice has to be on the list. Her version of I Know Him So Well deserves to be released a single and be number 1 forever.

Explaining to Fraser every single day that there is a difference between online PR and marketing.

And finally, Chris and I dressing up as Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall and his pig for new year.

I’m looking forward to 2008 being equally, if not more, wonderful.

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