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And so the festive season begins December 7, 2007

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December has started very well indeed, with a lovely mix of friends, food and oddly for me – football.

Last week I met up with the ladies of MTV for a bit of a reunion. It has somehow taken over a year to organise, but was well worth it. Though for some reason I thought that Slug & Lettuce would be a good venue, after  a very drunk woman came and sat with us and proceeded to look like she’d vomit on us, I quickly began to think otherwise.

I took a couple of days this week to go up to Liverpool to watch Everton vs Zenith St Petersburg. I’d never been to the football before so I was curious to see just what the appeal of hot Bovril and cheap pies was. Apparently the appeal is singing. Football is not about the drama or the skill, it is instead a big scale choir club. The game tootled along without much excitement, instead everybody just stood around deciding what song they wanted to practice next.

Last night the ever wonderful Central Band Of The Royal British Legion played at MTV2’s Gonzo 5th birthday party. What a surreal experience that was! We played our version of Gravity’s Rainbow and then a megamix of Gravity’s Rainbow, Seven Nation Army and Happy Birthday. We played out in the street first, with about a zillion camera phones filming us. Then played again in the foyer to be filmed by MTV. The most bizarre moment was when Lethal Bizzle jumped out of nowhere and proceeded to rap along with our version of Seven Nation Army. I can’t wait to see the footage! I’m going to post it on here as soon as we get it, it’ll be awesome. If you’re curious about how our version of Gravity’s Rainbow sounds…

Righty oh, I’m off to buy Christmas Tree decorations.

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