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Snooth November 29, 2007

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This article over on PSFK about a new wine recommendation service has got my attention this morning. I’m not sure whether that is because I’d kill for a glass of wine right now, or if its actually a service I’d use, but it certainly seems interesting.

It has a name a don’t really understand, Snooth – maybe its a wine term, so I’m already showing myself up with the vino community before I’ve even begun. It works by asking for your ratings of wines, then using this they then recommend you wines that you might enjoy.

This could possibly make my life a whole lot easier, at the moment, in a bid to educate myself, I’m keeping yes/no list on the inside of one of my kitchen cupboards. All the wines I enjoy go in the tick column, and everything else goes in the cross column. Obviously. Having it the other way round would be daft. I was hoping that I’d start to see some kind of trend with the wines I was enjoying, it hasn’t happened yet – so maybe Snooth will help me when I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed in Sainsburys.

Though we don’t buy wine that comes from anywhere other than Europe, so I’ll be intrigued to see if this can take preferences like that into account.

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