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A pint of dark liquid for you, sir? November 26, 2007

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It has been an awful long time since I last used LJ, so I’m having a bit of an explore about to see what’s changed. Nothing much it seems, but then I can’t think of many more things I’d like it to do.

I have stumbled across the LJ virtual gifts shop, which I can only guess works in much the same way as the facebook service and is probably as useless. The list of gifts is fairly standard, but there’s one that stood out…

This is apparently ‘a pint of dark liquid’, according to it’s name on LJ.

It immediately follows a four leaf clover, so it is clearly within a themed segment, so people do realise what the dark liquid is and its significance. How odd.

Or should I more worried that they’re encouraging you to drink the mystery dark liquid with a straw?

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