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No Canaries and no guns, how disappointing November 22, 2007

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Dressed in my glad rags, the new job sent me over to Canary Wharf for my first visit yesterday. What a strange place. You walk straight out the tube station into a mini shopping mall, a place that looks like it must employ 800 cleaners the floor is so bloody shiny. Just to get to my meeting I had to walk past Waitrose, a suit shop that called itself a clothier, an fine arts shop and a spa. It is more than a little bit surreal. A few more shiny corridors and a few more escalators later and I finally got somewhere near to my destination, only to get rather a lot of odd looks from the security when my clarinet went through the xray machine. I hasten to add that I had rehearsals last night, I didn’t bring my clarinet to the meeting for entertainment purposes.

It took me from leaving the building after the meeting until getting to Norbury station for my feet to actually walk on tarmacked surfaces again. You can pretty much live your entire day indoors in Canary Wharf. My last job often required having to walk round the piles of tramp shit at the bottom of the fire escape, I don’t miss that much, but this is a bit extreme. I did have the overwhelming urge to put slippers on and slide down their corridors though.

This weekend is looking blissfully quiet, I can’t wait to get stuck into Sim City Societies again. I’ve mastered the Fun City, as well as gaining Mayor and Sheriff status – so now I need to challenge myself and get Authoritarian conquered. I’ve also realised I need to spend more time making aesthetically pleasing cities, mine so far have all looked a bit slapdash. I want to make something absolutely stunning, I might screen grab it when I’m done and post it on here.


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