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Back again January 2, 2007

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The same fire that fuelled my desire to google myself, stumble across my old lj blog, and read loads of old entries has also fuelled my desire to start blogging again. One of my new year’s resolutions is not to realise that very few people actually want to hear me witter on.

I’m going to cross post entries with my LJ ( because although I presume LJ is pretty much dead on its arse now myspace has taken over the world, I quite like the idea of carrying on what I started with that LJ blog.

So as a really quick update since I last wrote in either blog, Chris and I still live together in the lovely church in Bethnal Green, we’re very happy indeed. I left MTV in July and now work over at Holler, a digital strategy company. I do music marketing for them, it’s slightly more challenging than ordering muffin baskets at MTV but I really enjoy it. I’ve got a new haircut that makes me look like Milly Molly Mandy, and I own a few more pairs of shoes. Oh, and I don’t do Popstar Feets anymore.

So… telling everyone about my xmas is probably a good a place as any to start. I’ve had a wonderful xmas, really idyllic. Everyone complains that xmas starts too early this year, but mine’s been spread out over a few weeks and I still don’t think I’m bored with it.

Chris and I headed back to Liverpool for what seemed like number 1000 in the list of his relative’s weddings we’ve had to attend this year. There are advantages to having a four person family. They’ve all been lovely though, I can’t complain, though before this year I’d never been to a wedding – does such a thing as a horrid wedding exist? This particular wedding had a rustic xmas theme to it, lots of mulled wine, xmas dinner, ivy and roses, all housed in a rather fantastic barn in the middle of nowhere. This is where my ‘Best Ever Xmas’ started.

The next week a gaggle of the Holler employees got bitten by the festive bug and so went over to Tower Hill for some ice skating, I got a series of rolled eyes facing me when I argued that Somserset House was a little bit contrived and touristy. The Tower Of London skating isn’t as great as Greenwich, it’s a bit basic, they don’t play any music and the fairy lights would have been better suited to a petrol station forecourt. Weirdly the only Holler employee I didn’t know the name of was also the same one who spent the entire evening cutting everyone up on the ice, outside of the ice rink he’s really lovely, but that evening being my first introduction to him he quickly became my villainous ice demon.

I did have plans to try and blag my way into every xmas party possible, but in retrospect I’m rather glad my blagging skills aren’t up to scratch, it would probably have killed me. Instead I stuck to a mere three, Chris’ Emap party (tequila shots and Nelly Furtado played rather too many times), my marching band’s xmas dinner (curry and explaining the internet to old men) and of course the Holler xmas party (14 hours of boozing resulting in a bruise on my arm that’s about the size of a xmas pudding).

I went back to Chichester for xmas itself and did all manner of festive things, despite a raging hangover from the Holler party I managed to sit through all of the new James Bond film with my parents. I have to say I really don’t see the appeal with Daniel Craig and why so many women think he’s so attractive. He’s a bit brutish looking isn’t he? I don’t think they should have got rid of Pierce Brosnan, he’s easily in my top five men list. Daniel Craig has the body, but can anyone deny that he looks like a rhino facially as well as in stature?

Everyone always says how much we drink and eat over xmas but its easy to forget isn’t it? I went out lots over the week and met up with loads of friends, combined with the afternoon drinking habits of my mother it was easy to get really quite pissed each day.

I’m in Liverpool now, indulging in the part of xmas when no one can think of anything to do other than reading whatever book they’d been given for xmas. We’re trying to work out what to do for new year, its Chris’ turn to decide and he hates new year as much as I love it. One of the suggestions was to go camping in the Lake District; sometimes I think he forgets that we Southerners hate the North for good meteorological reasons.

Right, so that just about brings us up to date. It was a bit of a dull overview, if I’d have gone into any detail I think I would have reached about thirty pages and noone wants to read that. But I promise that in the new year you shall even know the colour of socks I was wearing for each ever so exciting event in my life.


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