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Vox August 18, 2006

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I got a vox. I don’t know why. Swish told me to.

Its here…

I think people can add me as a friend or neighbour. I don’t know the difference yet.


Giles Coren love August 17, 2006

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This LJ is on the second page when you type Giles Coren Myspace into google!

Not that I’d ever trawl the internet for a perv on Giles Coren. Oh no, never.


Circle of shoes August 16, 2006

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I have achieved many great things this morning. The most constructive use of my time was obviously this:


August 10, 2006

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EDIT – Just as I posted this, the BBC rewrote and reposted it. Spoil sports.

The BBC is taking the bomb threats seriously, that’s why they seem to have employed a pre-GCSE student in their ‘security correspondent’ role…

The highlights are…

It’s a reflection of just how seriously this was believed to be.

They weren’t just talking about doing something, there were signs they were actually going to do it – to carry it out.

That’s why a lot of security measures are being taken.

This is because intelligence experts fear there may be others still at large.

What makes these quotes all the better is that they are entire paragraphs. Remember: this is the BBC’s security expert. Oh dear god.