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Missing Rooster July 31, 2006

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Its been a little overdue, but here’s a bit of an update about everything that’s been happening in my little life.

I started at my new job a fortnight ago and bloody love it. Its great to be challenged and to get to use my brain for projects other than complicated cab bookings. I miss my MTV peeps massively though, its so different working in an office with 20 guys and two girls, after being in a small dept with 11 girls and one guy. I haven’t had any conversations about food, Primark, shoes, the merits of McFly or even the merits of Rooster. Very strange.

Its been a busy old fortnight, kicking off with my leaving party where I cried a lot and possible danced to some very shit dance music. I had to do a marching band gig at Lords the next day, and if I’m honest I did puke into my mouth a little bit whilst playing. Oh dear.

Last weekend we went to Viva Cake, getting their very early and so spent an hour trying to work out how to play dominos. We never figured it out. The venue was over in Commercial Rd this time around, rather than the usual Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club. The front of the new venue was a fairly standard crummy old pub that looked like it hadn’t been updated in 75 years. The back of the venue housed what I think was called Stepney Green Nite Club. It was spectacular – a completely mirrored room, with big metal palm trees and an authentic light up dance floor! If only we hadn’t left by the time the dancing started.

We had the parents round on Sunday, so had some major panic cleaning and shopping to get done. The swish made Stifado, we drank lots and I got some lovely, very domesticated birthday pressies from my parents.

My actual birthday wasn’t until the following Wednesday when Chris and I went over to St Johns in Spitalfields for some offal action. We ate ducks hearts as well as the bit of a cow that apparently hangs between its diaphragm and kidneys. Yum yum. I also got to spend all the day itself hanging out with the girls from Totally Frank while they were interviewed, hardly a terrible way to spend a birthday.

On Saturday Gen and I had a big picnic on Primrose Hill to celebrate our joint birthdays. Lots of people came along, and we ate a lot of food. But it started to rain and somehow we all got split up in different directions. A gaggle of us somehow ended up having a rather mammoth drinking crawl about London that took in…

Pub on the corner of Primrose Hill Park
The Mucky Pub
Alex’s flat
Wetherspoons in Hackney
The Legion
Some Mexican bar near the legion

I’d been drinking for about 12 hours by the time we stumbled home. No wonder I ended up being quite happy to dance to drum and bass at The Legion. Needless to say I felt very rough on Sunday, and getting up for a haircut was near impossible.

Tomorrow I’m off to Eastbourne to live the high life at a marching band dinner. Get to dress up in a posh frock and hang out with some 80 yr old men. You surely can’t get better than that?

Later in the week I’m having somewhat of a high school reunion after running into an old school friend who had just found out that other old school friends had also moved up to the big city. I’m looking forward to it, but it’s going to be quite strange. Its quite easy to feel mature and accomplished until you meet up with people who tell you that you look exactly the same and you realise you haven’t grown up at all. Either that or we’ve all grown up to the point we really hate each other now.


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