Big Yellow Tutu

July 24, 2006

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I’m a little weirded out…

Walking up Clerkenwell Rd a reasonably old guy (about 60+) said afternoon to me, I smiled politely.

About two or three steps later he called out ‘Helen!’ at me, inevitably I turned round.

He asked me if my name was Helen and could tell by the very confused look on my face that I had no idea who he was, but clearly expected me to recognise him straight away.

Apparently I knew him through ‘Lucy and Catherine’, he gave second names for these girls but I was none the wiser so apologised and walked off.

It was really strange, he kept looking at me as if I knew him well and it was strange that I didn’t recognise him all of a sudden.

This is made all the more scary by the fact that Emmy and Martin keep thinking they see me on Camden High St – Emmy has seen this ‘other me’ twice in the last week.

So I implore you – if you think you see me out and about, let me know either here or come and say hello. I need to find out who is playing doppelgangers with me.


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