Big Yellow Tutu

July 3, 2006

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I’m a lucky lady, another few days of pure bliss and much fun.

Friday night I abandoned my MTV roots and went to the pub with Chris’ Emap crowd. A large-ish tab behind the bar meant I found myself adding to the 5 or 6 large glasses of rosé with a greasy bean burger and onion rings from our local fried chicken joint on the way home. Ten out of ten for playing the role of drunken youth.

Saturday was of course the football, so we cooked lunch for my little sister and her boyf. She’d just come back from a year in Barca (that’s what all the kool kidz call Barcelona apparently – I’m just so square) and was very tanned, inspiring me to go out and buy another bottle of Holiday Skin the next day. I am not vain, of course not.

I didn’t really watch the football, instead pouring over the Indie and the Guardian colour supps. Who needs to know about football and penalties when you can read about why Jamie Cullum’s album flopped?

Sunday I dragged Chris, who hates shopping, people and malls, over to Bluewater. Boy was he excited, especially after I messed up the train journey, dragging us to the other side of London only to sit on a train that went almost right past our house anyway. Oops.

Despite the sales it wasn’t that busy, though the last time I went was pre-hoodie ban Xmas, so it was probably full of youths and panic stricken shoppers back then. Despite being rather skint while I switch jobs I still spent lots of money. I came with the prettiest flamenco style dress from Karen Millen (a rather beautiful b-day pressie from Chris), a new griddle pan, a rolling pin, scales, two picture frames, egg cups, some turquoise eye liner, lip gloss, pants, tongs, a knife rack a very cute blue top and of course, the Holiday Skin.

The griddle pan has left me slightly obsessed with Le Creuset cookware now, sparking a passion not seen since my Scalextric days. I have now spent a lot of time investigating how to buy them a bit cheaper than normal, with intentions to have the complete collection by the time I’m 80. I’ve already broken the cardinal sin that my mother managed to avoid, and have two different coloured LeC items now. One orange pan and two blue pie dishes, figured I should just bite the bullet and buy the yellow roasting tins next. Its such a tough life.


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