Big Yellow Tutu

June 29, 2006

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Sometimes you just have those months when you feel quite fulfilled, you go out lots, see lots of friends and feel quite worldly. It’s been one of those months.

Wireless on Friday was good, not great as we only really saw Pharrell as everything else was so damned busy. I did get to meet up with lots of people, drink some very expensive cider and fool myself into thinking I could get a tan from 8pm sunshine.

For most people Sunday meant football, but alas some halfwit in our marching band booked a gig for 3pm. So I trekked over to Hayes (the most horrid town in England surely?) to play to about 100 old ladies. Very depressing when you consider that the venue could hold at least five times that. At least it meant I didn’t have to feign any interest in the football.

After that I headed over to Brixton for a BBQ, to enjoy nice food, very sweet wine, the Sunday papers and some sunshine. Bliss. Made me wish I had a garden, a window ledge just isn’t enough really. Although I love our flat I do envy everybody with outside space, its just so damned expensive in London.

On Tuesday I saw Pirates of the Caribbean 2 in big ole Leicester Square. It completely lived up to my expectations, though there’s a little too much Keira Knightley in it and not enough Johnny Depp. He does look bloody hot in it though, I think he may top my most fancied actors list, not including his role in Charlie & The Chocolate Factory of course.

It seems rather daft to talk about this

after having spent four paragraphs indulging in exactly the kind of personal info divulging they talk about but I found it really interesting. In a quiet moment at work I indulged in a little meme action, but got about halfway through and realised I’d pretty much given away all the kind of information they ask when you set up a bank account. I’d told my mother’s maiden name, my place of birth and where I lived. I suddenly took a step back and decided to delete the whole thing.

It is terrifying to think just how much people know about you, I worry about it probably more often than I should. I’d been applying for jobs over the last few months, and Popstar Feets is on my cv. From PF you can take a very clear link to this LJ and read everything about me. A potential employer can know that I drink too much, go to McFly gigs, am narrow minded about Post Office employees and have a short temper when it comes to people who slate pop. From this LJ said employer could go to my MySpace and see what kind of people I hang out with, what gigs I go to and see my holiday photos. Maybe I should start writing about how efficient and hardworking I am, that I can type very fast and that I learn things very quickly.


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