Big Yellow Tutu

June 14, 2006

Filed under: Uncategorized — helenium @ 2:45 pm

Always the sophisticate, I went to see the new Lindsay Lohan/McFly film last night. It was brilliant, ignore what the critics say.

It was great for these reasons:

1. It is nowhere near as racist as Mean Girls
2. Lohan gets punched in the nose twice
3. They help a small, possibly orphaned, child
4. It ends on a freeze frame
5. Dougie is still very cute, despite looking younger with every day that passes.

Its not as good as Due South, which I am finally nearing the end of to find that it gets very man love happy towards the last few episodes. I think I preferred the mountie when he was rugged and polite, rather than naïve, eccentric and camp.


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