Big Yellow Tutu

June 12, 2006

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Phew, it’s been a strange old day. I got offered a new job on Friday and so handed in my notice at MTV this morning. I’ve nearly cried about 100 times already.

I loved working at MTV, it’s been amazing, the novelty value of seeing James Bourne in your work café on a nearly weekly basis is always fun.

I’ve been offered a role as Digital Marketing Mgr at a company called Holler, who basically do lots of website design and digital strategy gubbins. They do the Son Of Dork site, so keeping up the James Bourne requirements in my job wants. It’s terribly exciting; they’re a great company and really know their stuff. It’s just that this morning my head was spinning a little.

In other news we headed over to Wink on Friday night, which was fantastic, it had been ages since I went to the Buffalo Bar, made me think I should probably go along to Artrocker more often really. We missed Greyhound Green, but did have fun singing Kooks and Hard Fi lyrics over the top of all the bands’ songs.

Saturday was reserved for football. It’s boring. Yaddah, yaddah…girl ignoring the football…etc, etc. Just read around LJ for five minutes to read someone else’s diatribe about the football. I’m not wasting my time writing one.

On Sunday we headed over to Epping Forest for a gentle walk under some dappled shade, though all we found was pubs, golf courses and council estates. Even when you can see the forest mere yards away on the horizon, it’s surprisingly difficult to find.


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