Big Yellow Tutu

June 6, 2006

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I got a bit of a shock this morning, it seems that 66% of Hanson have not only gotten married, but one of them is procreating too.

Zac, the littlest Hanson, got married to his girlfriend, Katie Tucker, last Saturday. He’s 20 and she’s 22, even in everyday life this is maybe unusually young to be married, but I still see Zac as being about 10.

Taylor got married in 2002 when he was 18 and now has two children. I don’t like the idea of any Hanson member having sex, they were always so pure and happy.

When I was at high school one of my best friends kept the ‘Hanson Files’, a large envelope filled with every magazine cutting about the band she could lay her hands on. She even slept with it under her pillow and went so far as drawing their logo on her hand and making sure she topped up the ink on it every day. I hasten to add that by ‘friend’ I don’t actually mean myself. I was obsessed with Crispian from Kula Shaker at the time. Didn’t make a Kula Shaker File though.

Poor old Isaac, noone ever fancied him and now he’s the only band member not to be living the life off blissful matrimony. We should try and pair him up with Ashlee Simpson and they can have the largest nosed children ever.


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