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June 30, 2006

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From DiS, worth posting everywhere so we can find someone who can help.

Regular DiS readers will by now be well aware that one of our own, Billy Bell of London’s Les Incompetents and regular helper/flyerer for DiS, was quite brutally assaulted while making his way home from the Barfly, Camden, on Thursday night (June 22).

Police are now appealing for witnesses of the assault to come forward, and have released the below statement. Please take a second to read it, and pass this page on to whoever you know that might live locally, or that knows somebody else that does.

Thanks on behalf of all the DiS team.

Statement begins…
Police are appealing for witnesses and information to a serious assault in Islington.

We were called at approximately 23:00 on 22/6/06 to reports of a man having been assaulted as he got off a No.29 bus in Camden Road, Islington.

The victim, aged 19, alighted the bus in Camden Road, near Brecknock Road, N7 (click here for a map of the area). The suspect got off at the same stop and assaulted the victim.

LAS attended and the victim was taken to a central London hospital, suffering from head injuries. His condition is described as life threatening.

The suspect is described as a white male, aged approximately 28 years old, with dark hair and possibly an Australian accent. He was wearing a white shirt and blue jeans.

DS Sean Smyth from Islington CID said:

“The suspect and victim are believed to have exchanged words on the bus before the assault took place and I am appealing for information from anyone who was on the 29 bus just before 23.00 on the 22/06/06.

“I am also appealing for anyone who witnessed the assault in Camden Road, near Brecknock Road, to come forward. Witnesses reported having seen the suspect laughing as he headed north towards the Holloway Road after the attack.

“If it helps to jog people’s memories the assault took place the night Australia beat Croatia in the World Cup.”

So far no arrests have been made and inquiries are continuing.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the CID at Islington on 020 7421 0350 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

…Statement ends


June 29, 2006

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Sometimes you just have those months when you feel quite fulfilled, you go out lots, see lots of friends and feel quite worldly. It’s been one of those months.

Wireless on Friday was good, not great as we only really saw Pharrell as everything else was so damned busy. I did get to meet up with lots of people, drink some very expensive cider and fool myself into thinking I could get a tan from 8pm sunshine.

For most people Sunday meant football, but alas some halfwit in our marching band booked a gig for 3pm. So I trekked over to Hayes (the most horrid town in England surely?) to play to about 100 old ladies. Very depressing when you consider that the venue could hold at least five times that. At least it meant I didn’t have to feign any interest in the football.

After that I headed over to Brixton for a BBQ, to enjoy nice food, very sweet wine, the Sunday papers and some sunshine. Bliss. Made me wish I had a garden, a window ledge just isn’t enough really. Although I love our flat I do envy everybody with outside space, its just so damned expensive in London.

On Tuesday I saw Pirates of the Caribbean 2 in big ole Leicester Square. It completely lived up to my expectations, though there’s a little too much Keira Knightley in it and not enough Johnny Depp. He does look bloody hot in it though, I think he may top my most fancied actors list, not including his role in Charlie & The Chocolate Factory of course.

It seems rather daft to talk about this

after having spent four paragraphs indulging in exactly the kind of personal info divulging they talk about but I found it really interesting. In a quiet moment at work I indulged in a little meme action, but got about halfway through and realised I’d pretty much given away all the kind of information they ask when you set up a bank account. I’d told my mother’s maiden name, my place of birth and where I lived. I suddenly took a step back and decided to delete the whole thing.

It is terrifying to think just how much people know about you, I worry about it probably more often than I should. I’d been applying for jobs over the last few months, and Popstar Feets is on my cv. From PF you can take a very clear link to this LJ and read everything about me. A potential employer can know that I drink too much, go to McFly gigs, am narrow minded about Post Office employees and have a short temper when it comes to people who slate pop. From this LJ said employer could go to my MySpace and see what kind of people I hang out with, what gigs I go to and see my holiday photos. Maybe I should start writing about how efficient and hardworking I am, that I can type very fast and that I learn things very quickly.


June 23, 2006

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It’s been a good ten years since I mentioned Art Brut on this LiveJournal. Actually, its probably been ten years since I mentioned anything interesting on here either, but thats beside the point.

For the last few months the Brut have been pottering about America, touring and whatnot, with the hope that the Top Of The Pops bookers will think them to be American and therefore put them on the show.

They were planning on doing this for three hundred years.

As we all know, the BBC announced this week that they’d be axing TOTP this summer, putting rather a strict deadline on AB’s ambitions (in case you don’t know, Art Brut have a song that goes ‘Art Brut! Top Of The Pops! Art Brut! Top Of The Pops! – its a classic)

Rather than getting boob jobs, hair extensions and hot pants, Art Brut have decided that the best way to get on the show before it finishes is to start a petition.

Sign it here…



June 19, 2006

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I avoid one form of nerdiness and run head long into another. I have no interest in the football whatsoever; I don’t see how it’s anymore exciting than the matches that take up the other 10 months of the year. The Swish’s insistence on watching every single game has meant that I’ve been left with quite a bit of spare time at the weekends. I could have used this time for something productive, like reading some books, or making some chutneys, but alas no, its been taken over by Rollercoaster Tycoon 3.

RT3 is a bit like Theme Park, in that it’s a low budget PC game that lets you play about with rollercoasters, but its seriously addictive. I got quickly bored with the career scenarios, where you have to control everything from the price of pretzels, to the levels of training of staff. Instead, the game offers a ‘sandbox’ mode, with unlimited money and therefore unlimited design scope.

I’ve made some seriously monstrous parks, with the best jungles, the scariest haunted castles and definitely the best quaint English country gardens ever. Weirdly, even with unlimited money for rides and designs all the visitors to my park hate it, but that doesn’t stop me. I’ve probably been playing this game for more hours than Swish has been watching the football. Oops.

Needless to say, the weekend was uneventful, the highlight being leaving the flat on Sunday to go and buy cake from the shops across the road. The cake turned out to be mouldy, so not a successful trip really.

I made a pie from scratch, so it wasn’t an entirely wasted weekend. It was from a Hugh F-W book and required handmade pastry. I even decorated the lids of the pies with pastry hearts. Am domestic goddess.

This week doesn’t look to be too busy, was going to see Jeremy Warmsley tonight, but lack of money is keeping me in front of RT3. I’ve promised to pay attention to the football tomorrow night, so if you see me in a pub looking bored or confused, come and say hello and save me from the tedium.

Friday I’m off to Wireless in Hyde Park, which I’m hoping will be immense. It seems there’s lots of people going. I plan to dance an awful lot. This may be gin fuelled. Yum.


June 14, 2006

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Always the sophisticate, I went to see the new Lindsay Lohan/McFly film last night. It was brilliant, ignore what the critics say.

It was great for these reasons:

1. It is nowhere near as racist as Mean Girls
2. Lohan gets punched in the nose twice
3. They help a small, possibly orphaned, child
4. It ends on a freeze frame
5. Dougie is still very cute, despite looking younger with every day that passes.

Its not as good as Due South, which I am finally nearing the end of to find that it gets very man love happy towards the last few episodes. I think I preferred the mountie when he was rugged and polite, rather than naïve, eccentric and camp.


June 12, 2006

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Phew, it’s been a strange old day. I got offered a new job on Friday and so handed in my notice at MTV this morning. I’ve nearly cried about 100 times already.

I loved working at MTV, it’s been amazing, the novelty value of seeing James Bourne in your work café on a nearly weekly basis is always fun.

I’ve been offered a role as Digital Marketing Mgr at a company called Holler, who basically do lots of website design and digital strategy gubbins. They do the Son Of Dork site, so keeping up the James Bourne requirements in my job wants. It’s terribly exciting; they’re a great company and really know their stuff. It’s just that this morning my head was spinning a little.

In other news we headed over to Wink on Friday night, which was fantastic, it had been ages since I went to the Buffalo Bar, made me think I should probably go along to Artrocker more often really. We missed Greyhound Green, but did have fun singing Kooks and Hard Fi lyrics over the top of all the bands’ songs.

Saturday was reserved for football. It’s boring. Yaddah, yaddah…girl ignoring the football…etc, etc. Just read around LJ for five minutes to read someone else’s diatribe about the football. I’m not wasting my time writing one.

On Sunday we headed over to Epping Forest for a gentle walk under some dappled shade, though all we found was pubs, golf courses and council estates. Even when you can see the forest mere yards away on the horizon, it’s surprisingly difficult to find.


June 6, 2006

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I got a bit of a shock this morning, it seems that 66% of Hanson have not only gotten married, but one of them is procreating too.

Zac, the littlest Hanson, got married to his girlfriend, Katie Tucker, last Saturday. He’s 20 and she’s 22, even in everyday life this is maybe unusually young to be married, but I still see Zac as being about 10.

Taylor got married in 2002 when he was 18 and now has two children. I don’t like the idea of any Hanson member having sex, they were always so pure and happy.

When I was at high school one of my best friends kept the ‘Hanson Files’, a large envelope filled with every magazine cutting about the band she could lay her hands on. She even slept with it under her pillow and went so far as drawing their logo on her hand and making sure she topped up the ink on it every day. I hasten to add that by ‘friend’ I don’t actually mean myself. I was obsessed with Crispian from Kula Shaker at the time. Didn’t make a Kula Shaker File though.

Poor old Isaac, noone ever fancied him and now he’s the only band member not to be living the life off blissful matrimony. We should try and pair him up with Ashlee Simpson and they can have the largest nosed children ever.