Big Yellow Tutu

May 30, 2006

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Ten days ago my skin was the same colour as my computer, today it is the colour of my tea. Well it would be if I drank normal tea and not the green, hippy kind.

This new found bronzed goddess look is thanks to a very last minute booked holiday to Corfu.

We left last Friday with some scepticism that wasn’t blown to pieces by the people on the plane with us. Being an old snob I feared we’d be stuck in the middle of some resort hell hole where every other building advertised the availability of Carling and where you could fall asleep to the sound of mothers swearing at their children. Thankfully, at the airport a big coach got weighed down with gold earrings and we were put in a little car to be taken to a nice sleepy village.

The hotel was stunning, set right on the beach, lodged between two very large tree covered mountains. You could sit on their terraces next to the beach and eat your breakfast. You don’t get that in Bethnal Green, not unless you’re not good at telling the difference between the sea and drug dealers.

I’m more of the sit by the pool with cocktails and sunshine person, whereas the Swish is more of a relaxing through death sports person. Somehow we managed to draw a happy medium. I didn’t do too well with his choices though, within 90 seconds of going on a mountain trek I’d fallen over, a rather choppy boat ride left me holding on to the seat with both hands, keeping my eyes tightly clenched and refusing the talk to anyone. It took me till the end of the week to pluck up the courage to swim down the middle of the pool rather than the edge, even the stairs out the hotel got the better of me as I fell down those when trying to drag my suitcase down them on the last day.

We’d hoped for lots of authentic Greek cooking, with plenty of good, local fresh fish, as our village used to be a famous fishing port. Aside from kilos of cucumber and feta, and the obvious Moussaka, we struggled to find anything worth shouting about. Most of the restaurants offered menus so extensive they couldn’t possible cook anything to order. Many places offered at least 40 starters and another 50 main courses, including bizarre amounts of pizza, omelette and roast dinners. The few places that offered a good variety of fish confessed that most of the fish was frozen, and at the start of the season I wasn’t too confident that it hadn’t been in the freezer since last summer. Fresh veg was a rarity; we saw a few too many plates of mixed frozen veg. Needless to say, when we got home we went straight to Sainsburys and bought almost all their fruit and veg section.

Some of the photos are on Swish’s flickr (, I may upload some different ones to this later, but for now here’s a cheesy coupley one to all those internet stalkers out there so they can recognise us and kill us for crack. We have lots of it after all.


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