Big Yellow Tutu

May 18, 2006

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Always being one to stay at the cutting edge of cool, I saw Kula Shaker at The Scala last night. Let it be known that I did not wear my KS T Shirt.

The evening started out being treated to dinner by a restaurant PR man who was trying to persuade us into using his venue for more parties. A little later and with half a pig inside my stomach I rolled over to Scala feeling about 80 stone.

The venue was packed, amazingly they’d managed to sell it out. I got there with literally five seconds to spare before they came on stage. Crispian still looks the same, his hair is still the best thing about him. He is shorter than I remember though, possibly only about five foot. I didn’t find myself fancying him either, I’d like to think that maybe my taste in men has evolved since I was fifteen, but my current crush on Giles Coren would prove otherwise.

KS rocked out all the old classics, drawing surprisingly heavily on the second (and much underrated) album. They did Govinda, Tattva, Hush, Hey Dude and Sound Of Drums, not bothering to change them in any way. No wonder the bassist looked bored. They did about 6 new songs I reckon, sadly I can tell the difference between old b sides and new tracks.

The set didn’t sound dated, it just sounded like Kula Shaker. I don’t think I’ll be rushing out to see them again, but it was worth it for a little bit of reminiscing.


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