Big Yellow Tutu

May 5, 2006

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Unfortunately it seems last week’s messy arm photo will be the only piece of gore fest this month. There’s not really much interesting going on in my now wisdom free mouth to photograph. Well not that I can get at anyway, I can’t really open my mouth wider than a few centimetres. For all I know my gums could be a horrid bloody mess, oozing yellow puss. But lets hope not.

Today is the day after the operation, predictably I look like a hamster and have two bigs bruises on either side of my face. I look a bit like a punched up version of Mariah Carey. Its not very hot.

The day at hospital was fairly dull, I was the last on the list of the day’s operations so was kindly given a few hours to stew in my own nerves. It wasn’t until I’d been there three hours that they told me they had a tv lounge. The nurses were all quite boring, didn’t like my jokes about the industrialisation of China nor did they appreciate my fears about dying under general anaesthetic. Apparently its as rare as dying in a plane crash, which is never comforting. When people tell you something is as rare as dying in a plane crash do they mean this country or across the world as a whole, where in some countries every other plane crashes?

Anyway, the promise that the GA would feel like gin and tonics was a let down. Clearly my version of “a few g&ts” is different to theirs. I didn’t even get to count to ten either. I did do the cliched thing of asking where I was when I woke up though. Duh.

I’m in quite a lot of pain today, despite consuming a rather large pile of rather large pills. Its the stitches that hurt the most I think. Though my post intubation throat isn’t feeling too great.

I am going to whinge about this for a fair few weeks. Be warned, those less patient with me should probably just starting reading again in June.


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