Big Yellow Tutu

April 26, 2006

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Here comes the melodrama…

Today may be my penultimate Wednesday on this beautiful planet. Next Thursday I’m getting my wisdom teeth removed and I’m starting to get quite scared. It involves general anaesthetic, bone drilling and “clean cotton pants, no thongs”.

Its not so much the pain element that’s worrying me, or even the tooth pulling aspect (I quite enjoy the dentists) it’s the general anaesthetic that’s starting to creep into my fears. The mortality rate for dentist related general anaesthesia is 1:338,536. That’s pretty high isn’t it? That was a figure from 1982, so maybe things have improved since then. I’m also hoping that’s anaesthetics performed in dental surgeries rather than hospitals. Hospitals surely must be safer?

It’s all rather daunting. I’ll be keeping you all up to date with pix after it happens. If I’m still alive of course.


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