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Books April 6, 2006

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Can anyone remember back to those heady days when the last Harry Potter had just been published and everyone on the tube had a copy of it in their clammy hands?

It seems the same thing is happening again, not with Mr Potter, not even with a new, much hyped book, but instead with something that was published in 2004.

I started reading Small Island about three weeks back, and now everywhere I turn I see people on the tube reading it. It’s quite bizarre. 5 people in three weeks. That quite a feat when you consider I only make two or three tube journeys a day, and only ever travel the same route really.

I was even sat next but one along from someone reading it a week ago.

Ok, so this book did win a mass of prizes and its hardly specialist or challenging, any old idiot could pick it up. But nonetheless, I’ve been quite surprised by it.

You could probably start some kind of Tube Book Bingo

Adult reading Harry Potter –one point
Child reading Harry Potter – twelve points
Dan Brown – minus one point
Small Island – one point
Man reading John Grisham – two points
Woman reading John Grisham – ten points
Shoreditcher reading Brick Lane – one point
Teenage emo kid reading Communist Manifesto – three points

This is what the cover of Small Island looks like, try and see how many people you can spot reading it.


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