Big Yellow Tutu

April 26, 2006

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Here comes the melodrama…

Today may be my penultimate Wednesday on this beautiful planet. Next Thursday I’m getting my wisdom teeth removed and I’m starting to get quite scared. It involves general anaesthetic, bone drilling and “clean cotton pants, no thongs”.

Its not so much the pain element that’s worrying me, or even the tooth pulling aspect (I quite enjoy the dentists) it’s the general anaesthetic that’s starting to creep into my fears. The mortality rate for dentist related general anaesthesia is 1:338,536. That’s pretty high isn’t it? That was a figure from 1982, so maybe things have improved since then. I’m also hoping that’s anaesthetics performed in dental surgeries rather than hospitals. Hospitals surely must be safer?

It’s all rather daunting. I’ll be keeping you all up to date with pix after it happens. If I’m still alive of course.


Camden Crawl April 20, 2006

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I’m never one for off the cuff gig going, so for tonight’s Camden Crawl I need to get my highlighter pens out, take my ordinance survey map from my drawer and find my compass.

All this would be fine if I only had the bloody stage times.

Someone out there must surely have all the info on it?

This year I plan to not talk to semi-famous rock stars about Busted.


April 18, 2006

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I’m in the midst of sorting out my graduate finances, this is not voluntary by any means, its just seems that the spring after graduating is when everyone starts asking you for money. This has destroyed my new season excitement and left me very confused today.

I’m trying to work out what to do and need some advice from you lovely, opinionated LJ folk. I’ll also be going to see an accountant soon too, so don’t panic thinking that I’m some daft apeth who gets all her financial help from blogs alone. But that certainly doesn’t mean I don’t value bloggers help. Or even blog readers who don’t actually blog themselves. Though people who don’t blog because of an inability to write need not comment on this.

So…student overdrafts. Has anyone else opted for the Natwest Graduate Overdraft Loan? Or does anyone else (aside from Mr Swish) think its a bad idea?

Help please. I love you.


April 11, 2006

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The Due South obsession is filling up my sky plus box as fast as its filling up my mind. Who would have thought they made 70 episodes?

I’ve just started series 3 (they made 4 series in total) and so am up to the ‘new Ray’ episodes. I stopped watching it about here when I was younger, I think BBC stopped airing it or maybe it just became a bit ropey, but I’m going to carry on now. Especially now I’ve got this…

Brilliant. I’ve been deleting most of the episodes as I go along to fill up some room on the hard drive, but I’m thinking now that maybe I should bite the bullet and get the box sets. Would that be a bit nerdy?

I think to tide me over while I make decisions about whether or not my shelves benefit from some Mountie goodness I think I’ll get these…

Amazing huh? I’m quite tempted by the t-shirt but the shipping takes over a month. That’s a very long time to wait and I can’t even see what’s written on the t shirt itself, it could be a huge disappointment, but somehow I doubt it. I love this program.


Books April 6, 2006

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Can anyone remember back to those heady days when the last Harry Potter had just been published and everyone on the tube had a copy of it in their clammy hands?

It seems the same thing is happening again, not with Mr Potter, not even with a new, much hyped book, but instead with something that was published in 2004.

I started reading Small Island about three weeks back, and now everywhere I turn I see people on the tube reading it. It’s quite bizarre. 5 people in three weeks. That quite a feat when you consider I only make two or three tube journeys a day, and only ever travel the same route really.

I was even sat next but one along from someone reading it a week ago.

Ok, so this book did win a mass of prizes and its hardly specialist or challenging, any old idiot could pick it up. But nonetheless, I’ve been quite surprised by it.

You could probably start some kind of Tube Book Bingo

Adult reading Harry Potter –one point
Child reading Harry Potter – twelve points
Dan Brown – minus one point
Small Island – one point
Man reading John Grisham – two points
Woman reading John Grisham – ten points
Shoreditcher reading Brick Lane – one point
Teenage emo kid reading Communist Manifesto – three points

This is what the cover of Small Island looks like, try and see how many people you can spot reading it.