Big Yellow Tutu

March 20, 2006

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Oh fucking jesus, I’ve started about 80 LJ entries this last month and have neither finished nor posted any of them.

I wrote one last night that will go up soon, it just needs some pix added to it. As I’m posting a new entry now, it means the chronology will all be destroyed – but maybe I’m moving things on in the world of blogging and moving away from the new post above old post norms.

WTF – blogging isn’t in Word as a correctly spelled word yet? I guess it has something to do with why it always autocorrects internet to have a capital ‘I’.

Everyone on my LJ is beautifully contented at the moment. Everyone is going to see artsy bands, making their own clothes, skating on ponds, drawing pretty pictures, taking pretty pictures or running into Raz in pubs.

My life is far less of a bohemian utopia at the moment. This weekend I scrubbed our skirting boards and cleaned the staircase. I tried to redesign Popstar Feets and failed miserably, I also tried to work out the new content for it and failed at that too. I blame work, I’ve spent so long doing incredibly logical tasks that anything requiring the left hand side of my brain is near impossible.

Maybe it’s all about what you cover in your blog update. It’s all about bragging isn’t it really? Well, that or whinging. I guess I’m doing the latter. If I think about it I can word my life in just the same way as everyone else.

I’ve made harissa paste from scratch (foreign food + preserves = perfect blog brag), went to Tatty Bogles (underground venue + less than 50 capacity + crazy bands = perfect blog brag), been watching Project Catwalk (admitting to watching mainstream tv = perfect blog brag) and have also finally had my hair cut (lack of urgency over hair + obvious vanity = perfect blog brag).

Hmmm…tomorrow will follow with the entry I wrote at the weekend. It treads the line quite nicely between being pompously over the top and being very ordinary and dull.