Big Yellow Tutu

February 6, 2006

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Damn, I only get time to update this thing once a week. Not there’s ever much to update mid week. Saying that, there’s v little to report on from this weekend.

It was very very quiet.

I am terribly skint and the Swish is dying from the flu so the trip to Sainsburys was the only expedition made.

serie_due_southI guess the only big news is the return of Due South. I used to be obsessed with this program in my younger days, I had photos of the mountie over my bedroom walls and I thought he was teh sex. You can imagine my excitement when I turned on Sky Plus for the very first time last week and found it in the epg. Oh my god. Its on ITV3 every day at 7pm. Series record is the best invention ever.

I expected my high hopes for it to be dashed and it wouldn’t live up to my dreams. But my oh my, its better than I’d remember. Paul Gross (the mountie) still rocks my boat too. Especially when he’s wearing the brown mountie uniform. Yum yum yum.

Let the obsession start all over again.