Big Yellow Tutu

January 30, 2006

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This weekend wasn’t quite boho utopia that was the previous weekend. Unless you count being sick in the Hard Rock Café toilets at two in the morning as classy.

Friday was of course spent watching the CBB finals. I’ve decided that I really like Preston’s tattoos. Made me wonder about getting one myself. Of course, I won’t, but the thoughts are there all the same. A girl can ponder.

Saturday was supposed to bring with it our promised Sky installation, we’ve been promised it since August, but alas, its been postponed again. Note to every Londoner out there: do not use Spectrum for your installation. They are as efficient as I am tall.

We hotfooted it over to Emily’s birthday party for much vodka drinking (and spilling). Got to laugh at Swish who replied to a polite question about the Arctic Monkeys with ‘I’m so over them, they’re like 8 months ago’. Cue lots of piss taking about him being an unapproachable muso snob. Do love him for it though.

We left the party early to go to the Kerrang tour aftershow at the Hard Rock Café. I was fairly hammered by this point, forgetting that house party measures are not the same as pub measures. Within about ten minutes of getting there I was sick in the toilets. Nice.

I was promised sightings Of Charlie Simpson, thankfully he wasn’t there. I have the feeling I would only have tried to talk to him in my very drunk state. I don’t he’d have asked me to marry him after that.

Sunday was tapas day, had some lovely peeps round for some very veggie food I cooked. Somehow managed to drink lots of vodka and gin loaded sangria, despite waking up thinking I’d be ill again. Grrr…so hardcore. Or stupid. Either/or.

Rather delightfully this week looks nice and quiet. So hopefully can just relax for a while, I feel a bit worn out. In a good way though, it’s been a lovely few weeks. I just need some time to have lots of baths, finish the book I’m reading and to get through the big pile of cd’s on my desk that need listening to. Started taking work home with me. It’s great.


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