Big Yellow Tutu

January 26, 2006

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It’s a bit late in the week for this, but I’ve been somewhat busy. Had another lovely weekend, 2006 is turning out to be excellent indeed. Filling the days with things that aren’t gigs is great. Fuck all dayers at Cargo, its all about going home without tinnitus.

Friday night we managed the trek from work to Henry J Beans (approx 30 metres) for 2 for 1 cocktails. I was drinking Alabama Slammers that I think had a lovely combo of whiskey, amaretto, some sort of juice and two straws. Classy. Was home in time for CBB. Even classier.

Saturday morning, like many others this morning, was supposed to start with a jog round the park. Next week maybe. Instead we took the more leisurely route of walking to Borough Food Market. Bought some lovely over priced organic fodder and felt all wholesome. Didn’t see Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall though, gotta find some way to have my wicked way with him soon.

It’s so easy to forget just how wonderful Borough market is, I challenge even the biggest ready meal addict not to be overwhelmed by the place. It’s always packed to the rafters, unless you follow the restaurateurs and turn up at 6 in the morning of course. Its full of passion and interest, noone wanders round with that resentful expression on their face that you so often see in the supermarkets. Everyone spends time at each stall, trying out the samples, picking up things, talking about it all. Its worth the elbow fight, and though the market is probably more fun with a few hundred quid in your pocket I coped well with my few pennies.

The evening brought with it some decisions – Mystery Jets at the Barfly, Tatty Bogles or Viva Cake? Oh my god, we made the right decision. Viva Cake was amazing. What could beat a 50s rock n roll night at a workingmen’s club? There was free tea and cake, jive instructors, nail parlours, and even playing cards on each table. Everyone was dressed up in their finest, including this young missy and we all looked brilliant.

There were a few enthusiasts there, who’d clearly done this kind of thing before. A guy dressed in dungarees with a white shirt underneath had slicked back shiny black hair and took to the dance floor like a true pro. So good to watch. Made me very envious and even more determined to convince the Swish to take up line dance lessons.

Despite my earlier food halo, I did indulge in a McDonalds bacon cheeseburger on the way home. Let it be said I’d never eaten a McDonalds beef product before and was therefore a little intrigued about it all. It was very strange, despite containing burger, bacon and cheese it tasted of none of the above. It was very very sweet and though was pretty horrid, tasted like nothing else in the world. Strange.

Keeping to my new year’s resolution, I went to see Jarhead on Sunday. Its quite good, amazingly well shot, very very beautiful. Script wise, it’s a little bit obvious, no real plot, just the glare of the permanent mental damage done by war. Its worth seeing for Jake dancing in a string thong which uses a Santa hat to cover his manhood. Yum yum yum.


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