Big Yellow Tutu

January 11, 2006

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Oh my god. This is the best day ever. Kula Shaker are reforming. Oh my god.

This makes me insanely happy.

K was one of the first albums I properly got into when I was about 13 and I became somewhat obsessed. The rumours that I own every single on every format are true. I even bought promo copies of the single that were the same as the standard single aside from having one seconds more silence at the end of the track. I even went to see Crispian Mills on his solo tour and again when he was with The Jeevas. My obsession did not go so far as to buy the second Jeevas album though. Let that be made clear straight away.

Apparently Crispian, Paul and Alonzo did a gig together in Leighton Buzzard just before xmas. Jay’s too busy with Oasis and shopping in M&S Chichester (much to my delight years ago) to join them. But still. This is brilliant. Its unconfirmed yet as to whether it’s a permanent reform. But wow, wouldn’t it be amazing if they did?


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