Big Yellow Tutu

January 10, 2006

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Sometimes weekends just go really well. This was the first whole weekend I got to spend with the Swish for about a month and so was looking forward to it, especially after that horrid first week back at work.

It kicked off on Thursday with a trip to the cinema to see Cry Wolf, a god awful American teen horror film set on a boarding school campus. It was about as original as Shanye Ward and gave the entire plot away in the first five minutes. I hasten to add that this kind of film is not usually high on my list of cinematic choices, but it was a freebie screening, and fulfilled one of my new years resolutions.

Feeling very sleepy after being thoroughly bored for two hours we headed over to the Elbow Rooms for a bit of ¡Forward, Russia! and Art Brut. Immediately negating my day of fulfilling resolutions, as they don’t really fall into the new bands category. Oh well, it was lovely to see everybody again. We left a bit prematurely, and instead opted for an early night. Apologies to all for my rudeness, but I’m an old lady and to be honest, I forgot how noisy gigs are.

Friday was spent in front of the TV, watching My Name Is Earl, which was amazing in a Coen Brothers kinda way.

Saturday brought with it a glorious lie in until mid afternoon then the cinema again. This time for the very, very upsetting Brokeback Mountain. They had a Ben & Jerrys counter at the cinema, the meanest temptation ever. Especially as they now do sundaes with two scoops of ice cream, hot syrup in the middle, and whipped cream and marshmallows on top. Mmmm… Almost as yummy as Jake The Cowboy.

In a moment of extra curricular bravery, we went out after the cinema. This film then gig thing is fun. Satisfies both me and the Swish. Hurrah.

We went over to Tatty Bogles and thankfully this time I didn’t get turned away at the door for not having any ID. Oh, the humiliation. We had a really good evening, drank too much maybe, but it was aces. Amazingly, I lasted till about 5am. Something that’s completely unheard of. I’m usually complaining by about 11pm.

The weekend was even full of nice food and good cooking. Made hummus from scratch too. Lovely. I hope there’s many more weekends like this in 2006, I’d be a proper chesire cat, grinning away by December if there are.


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