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December 26, 2005

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The world and his wife have posted the same thing about Christmas – they’ve eaten too much, drunk too much, not gotten along well with their families and are missing the outside world somewhat. I doubt my post will be much different but I’ve reached that point of boredom I guess everybody else did when they wrote their festive round up entry.

I came back to Chichester on Wednesday with big plans to try and relax for two weeks. I was feeling very stressed and going rather grey in London. It’s starting to work, I am chilling out a bit. Seeing all my old friends has helped enormously, as has going out to Chichester’s only club and dancing to a Will Smith megamix at three in the morning. The kind of stress relief you just can’t find in London really.

It’s been a good Christmas for hot men gracing our screens. I saw King Kong last week (good but long and too much monkey on ice) and Adrien Brody looks amazing in it. I never thought I’d find myself saying that, especially after how ropey he looked in The Pianist, but my god, he’s sexy. They’ve made him all beefy and tanned which of course helps, on the Brody stakes I think I’d even choose him over Adam. Also David Tennant – surely I’m not the only LJ woman to find something appealing about him?

I’ve spent the last few days making some new year’s resolutions, thinking them to be more practical than an end of year summation. So here goes…

1. Drink less. This being somewhat obvious but I do tend to come home from work and have a neat gin (or two). It can’t be good for me. Though my mother claims that a glass of brandy a day has the same levels of antioxidants as green tea, so maybe I’ll just switch spirits.

2. Wear heels more often. I have a cupboard full of the prettiest shoes that are never ever worn. I now own two pairs of very good jeans that need to be worn with heels and so have no excuses any more. I don’t care how much The Swish complains about me walking slowly.

3. Be better at my job . Well, maybe not better, just more involved with the company and getting myself noticed as the future CEO.

4. See more films. I miss the cinema, I barely go anymore. I used to know about films and directors and whatnot. I have a Blockbuster membership and am going to use it too.

5. Dance more often. This might prove difficult if I’m wearing heels all the time.

6. Buy earplugs. I’m starting to get really worried about my hearing. I’ve been in orchestras since I was 10 and going to gigs since I was about 14, as well as having walkmans/ipods etc since I was about 8. My ear drums have suffered and I’m really starting to notice it. I really don’t want to de deaf at any age, certainly not an early one, so this is quite high on my list of priorities.

7. Keep RSVP promises. I’m a terror for saying to people that I’d go to their gig, or party or meet them for drinks and then backing out at the last minute or even worse, just not turning up. I do it with guestlists too – asking for tix and then preferring the option of staying at home cooking, eating and falling asleep. I must either make the effort or be honest with people in the first place.

8. Walk home. As soon as its starts being light at 8 in the evening I am going to get off the tube at Liverpool St and walk the extra half mile home. The Swish always suggests walking home from L’Pool St and I complain about the cold and dark, so when it gets warm and sunny I’ll make sure I take him up on the offer.

9. Go to more gigs by new bands. A new rule that if I’ve seen them twice before then I’m not going again. Test Icicles are to blame. I want to take more risks on the choices made on gigs. This might mean actually using my Artrocker card on Tuesdays, I don’t think its left my wallet since February.

10. Walk slower. Of course, this is helped by the second resolution on this list. But I’ve realised I’m turning into one of those horrid London tube walkers, the kind who push old women out the way and swear at people on the wrong side of the escalator. I need to slow down and be in less of a hurry.

That’s about it I think. I could probably double this list but these are the essentials for now. So if you see me on the tube escalators pushing an old women out the way and if I’m not dancing, I’m wearing trainers and not earplugs, have a drink in my hand and am at Bethnal Green tube, so clearly not keeping my promise to meet you nor my intentions to walk from Liverpool St then please do come up to me and give me a big yelling at. Especially if my excuse isn’t CEO or cinema related. Thanks.


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