Big Yellow Tutu

December 21, 2005

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It’s been yonks since my last update. I’ve been busy but not doing anything particularly exciting I’m afraid. Well actually that’s a bit of a lie, I just went through my Outlook calendar and remembered loads of fun stuff.

Its my last day in London today, and I’ll be bored back in Chichester so shall be updating often and avoiding these lazy monthly overview updates.

I may also update again this arvo with some thoughts, theres not much to do at work today after all.

2nd December

The Strokes came into work to record a gig that’s going out on MTV2 on News Years Eve. Only 120 people in the studio, one of which was little old me. It was great, looked really stuning. Unlike Nick Valensi who is looking a bit ropey these days, not loving his new hair. The new songs sounded great, a bit more vocal lead than the other albums.

7th December

Work xmas party. At a Walkabout of all things with the added surreal ness of the Glasto Lost Vagueness team doing the entertainment. This involved hours of cabaret, strippers and some Barbershop Quartets. Needless to say I drank a lot to put up with all this nonsense.

9th December

I went ice-skating with one of my very favourite old friends. Hotfooted it over to Greenwich for their beautiful outside rink. I felt terribly festive, they’d put up trees, big lights, played xmas music and even had non pikey skates that didn’t cut your ankles into pieces. I wasn’t as shit at ice skating as I remembered, ok so I didn’t let go of Dan’s hand but I didn’t hold onto the edges much either and did manage to stay upright the whole time. Quite a triumph.

10th December

Over to Somerset to play a concert. Not that interesting really, but very pretty, I’d forgotten what fields looked like. Saw lots of completely un-interfered landscapes where you could turn 360 and not see any other roads or houses, just hills and early morning mist.

12th December

Artrocker xmas party, full of mulled wine and mince pies. I got insulted by Emmy The Great and her not so great jokes. The first thing she said to me after being introduced by Chris was – “I’ve heard loads about you, apparently you never let Chris go out”. I didn’t really get it. It threw me somewhat and left me feeling quite prudish.

14th December

Swish and mine’s xmas dinner. I made 12 kilos of nut roast, dressed up in a pretty dress, served nibbles, we drank champagne and forgot about port.

15th December

My graduation ceremony. I wore a big hat. Pictures will doubtless follow soon. Including some in the prospectus. Great.


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