Big Yellow Tutu

December 1, 2005

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uk_usa_flagPop has gone all a bit topsy turvy in the last week. The Americans want to be British and the British want to be, well, Americans.

Last Thursday was the Son Of Dork album launch. For those of you living in caves, SoD are James from Busted’s (or JB as Swish’s dad once casually referred to him as) new band. He’s auditioned a whole load of boys and found four that don’t make him look too ugly.

The whole evening was just like we’d travelled thousands of miles across the Atlantic, not stepped inside the Mean Fiddler. It was expected though, even their logo font is that classic American college footie one. But really – did we need white picket fences framing the stage, baseball memorabilia everywhere and a popcorn machine? James’ faux American accent doesn’t help much either.

They sound amazing though, just like Busted but with one more guitar. Its like one big extension of the ‘James Bourne Break Up Album’, he’s clearly still quite embittered. They may take themselves a little too seriously, which is worrying. The guy who shares vocals with James is also a bit of a prick, looking like an over stylised, eyebrow-crazed freak with the shortest legs in pop; but that can’t be helped.

I got excited at the aftershow when I shook pinkies with the drummer and then I BRUSHED ELBOWS WITH JAMES!!! I had to squeeze past him to get to the toilets and we touched skin. It was amazing.

Tuesday night was the lovely Kelly Clarkson at Koko.

kellyclarksonAgain, for those of you in caves – Ms Clarkson was the winner of American Idol a few years back.

She was amazing, I love her. She kept talking and talking and talking. Of course, she complained about the weather, but she did harp on about how much she loved England, or “overseas” as she put it at one point.

About half way through the set she took a union jack flag some fans had given her and proceeded to wrap it round her waist – pausing to ask if doing so was wrong and if she’d be in the papers tomorrow slated as hating England. After some reassurance that there was no law against wearing the flag as a clothing item (she clearly hasn’t spent much time watching old Spice Girls footage) she continued to don a St Georges flag as a belt and then a rather stunning plastic bowler hat with again, a union jack on it. She looked stunning.

What with all this and Art Brut taking over America, we may just as well pile loads of earth into the Atlantic and join up into one big country. Maybe not.


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