Big Yellow Tutu

November 18, 2005

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Despite having not really done much I feel very very busy.

This week hasn’t been that chokka, but maybe the prospect of the next 6 weeks is just lurking like a big thundercloud in one of my desk drawers.

Last Saturday I braved Frog in some very high white stilettos. It was a look that I’m hoping appeared classier that it sounds, but I’m not so sure. Needless to say after about an hour and half I could barely walk. I used to be good in heels and now after months of trainers I just can’t cope. I forced the swish to leave straight after The Chalets’ set and tried to walk down TCR in bare feet.

I went to see Test Icicles last night, for what seemed like the hundredth time. If I’m honest I was a little bored by it all, sure they’re amazing, but there is a limit to how much I can be entertained by the same three men on a fortnightly basis.

I also got slightly irate because someone near us stunk of scalp. That horrid stale warm hair smell. Oh, it was horrible. It might of just been cheap hair wax but it was making me gag. We also went home before the Bizzle, which disappointed me somewhat.

Sunday will bring with it the culmination of all my childhood dreams – the Smash Hits Pollwinners Party. Needless to say, I am spazzing over it already. This is because Friday Hill are approximately 956% more brilliant/emap (delete as appropriate) than Test Icicles. I am most excited by the best haircut categories of course.


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