Big Yellow Tutu

November 9, 2005

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There have been some things this week that have made me happy…

1. Leaving early from The White Stripes last night. Despite them being quite raunchy sounding, they were dull. We left as soon as Jack started playing glockenspiel.
2. McFly releasing Ultraviolet as the next single. Its about summertime, which is slightly inappropriate but its great nonetheless.
3. Popstar Feets getting its third NME mention this week. All courtesy of Mr Argos.
4. The Chalets playing Frog on Saturday.
5. Getting a Girls Aloud bag.
6. Getting invites to the Son Of Dork album launch party

Things that have made me sad

1. Interviewing the Greenhornes. They were lovely lads, but not my cuppa tea where bands are concerned. ie – they’re a bit shit.
2. McFly releasing Ballad Of Paul K as the flip side to Ultraviolet. Its just wrong. Songs about alcoholism and depression should be left to Sting.
3. The tube being a waste of time.

Thus concluding I am twice as happy as I am sad. Which is excellent news, and in itself probably boosts my happiness rating to slightly over twice as much. Hurrah.


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