Big Yellow Tutu

November 5, 2005

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Trying to move my life away from pop has not been easy, and I’ve decided not to ever bother. Pop is the way forward.

After a few week’s of nervousness, the MTV EMA’s in Lisbon finally arrived. For those of you who don’t know about it, its the heaven of pop.

I flew out Wednesday morning and got to the mega plush hotel early evening. It had dressing gowns. Lovely.

When I left Britain I though I was looking after our label guests, helping them around, getting them to lunches, that kind of boring travel rep stuff. Very late on Wednesday night it was thrown on me that I’d be looking after Sir Bob Geldof. Shit. I was worried he’d be moody and trouble.

Despite turning up quite late he was lovely, very nice to me and although he took the piss out of my accessory choices (polka dot pink ribbons) all went very well. I even got a couple of kisses goodbye.

The entire event was quite surreal, especially the dressing room area. I was sat on the lounge sofas watching Green Day, Foo’s, Tatu, Jared Leto, Robbie all just wandering about talking to each other.

The things I learnt whilst sitting there…

1. The previously hot one in Tatu is nearly as orange as Sarah from Girls Aloud.

2. Jared Leto is short but amazing. I got all My So Called LIfe happy and wished I had dyed red hair.

3. Chris Martin does yoga

4. Sean Paul can’t tell the difference between Jamie Hewlitt and Damon Albarn

5. Shaggy likes walking around with his arms around each Tatu girl

It was all quite stressful, as can be expected with such a big gig I guess. By the time it hit midnight and we could finally leave my legs were klling me and my ears were ringing from wearing a walkie talkie headphone for 16 hours.

I got far too drunk at the aftershow, tried to catch Gael Garcia’s eye (and failed) and talked about vegetables til very early in the morning.

Needless to say, now I am back in lovely London I am shattered, even one night’s good sleep hasn’t perked me up.

I’m off to see Emmy The Great tonight so this can be the acid test for whether or not I should dedicate 100% of my life to pop. I suspect she might be able to convince me otherwise.


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