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November 25, 2005

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Due to situations far beyond Foxy Music’s control The venue for Friday’s
(25th Nov) Real Live Wires night has had to change.

The event will now take place at:

Dirty South,
162 Lee High Road,
SE13 5PR

The doors are still at 8pm but we now have the bonus of finishing at 2.30am.

It is stll £5/£3 NUS/DSS to get in and the line up is still

Junkbox/esOterica/The Indelicates

There are plenty of buses that run past the venue and the nearest rail/dlr
stations are Lewisham which are a five minute walk from the venue.

Sorry to do this to you so late in the day, but it has only just been

Hope to see you all there.


November 22, 2005

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Popstar Feets in an exhibition!!!

Wow wow wow.

This Friday all the best pictures of famous feet will be gracing the walls of Corsica studios in Elephant & Castle as part of this…

Its an art/music thing, The Indelicates are playing and they’re awesome.

This will be lots of fun, it starts at 8pm.

Oh and if like me you have a thing for either socked feet or Eddie Argos then you’ll be happy, that pic of him will be blown up nice and big.

I’ve got a few cheap guest list places if you email me in the next day or so.


Ps. If you come along you get to see me dance.


November 21, 2005

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And predictably, number three…


Now, its not often that I’m underwhelmed by pop. Just as I was starting to pour my whole life into the pursuit of arse wiggling round my kitchen to Tatu albums, it all goes a bit pear shaped.

I’ve already mentioned the horrid bad video/bad double a side choice of McFly last week, and now it seems it all gets a little worse.

Yesterday was of course, the T4 Pollwinners Party in association with Smash Hits. And no, I’m not going to comment on the change on the name to include ‘in assocation with…’, I don’t really care about that kind of thing.

I started off very excited by it all, being in the best of moods on the tube on the way there. But then it all went downhill.

We got there far too early, not only having to endure two hours of warm up show, but also an hour before the warm up even started. We pegged it over to the bar to drink our smuggled in gin and some pistachios. Yum.

We were a bit surprised to find McFly do the warm up show, I wondered if maybe they were just being nice. Unfortunately it was a pre-record set up, so we had to cope with the worst version of Ultraviolet you’ve ever heard. No guitars, just some really loud bass and drums. Oh god. All About You was a little better, with some actual live instrumentation but it was still a bit cringe worthy. The only thing that kept me sane was knowing that they’re capable of better.

When the actual show started it soon became apparent that they only had 10 sets of celebrities to push around the set for three hours. The performers all won awards, and the presenters of the awards couldn’t perform to save their lives.

Just in case we weren’t already pissed off with seeing the same old faces every 10 minutes, they insisted on playing out the same Freefaller and Friday Hill comp ads through every commercial break. I swear if I hear Baby, Goodbye again I’ll go mad. I used to quite like that song.

The audience was also quite surprising, not being made up of 8 yr old kids, as expected; but instead, loads of reasonably hard 15/16 yr olds who were into more hip hop and all that jazz I know nothing of.

Now, I don’t want to sound off about it all too much, I did enjoy the whole thing. It just wasn’t as good as McFly at Wembley and if I’m honest I got a bit MTV proud too often, comparing it to the EMAs.

If I look at it all, there was no way it was ever going to be better than McFly, it was always going to be a low budget lip synch affair. Maybe when I was 9 and watching the Pollwiners party with awe I didn’t really think about that.

There is still hope though, I’m off to the Son Of Dork album launch this week, and to see Kelly Clarkson next week. So maybe I’ll have my belief in all things pop restored.

And I also promise I’ll stop talking about my faltering belief in pop soon.


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So…the second exciting thing this weekend…


Oh yes. It was amazing. Of course, and as everyone is saying, there is tonnes missing in terms of important plot developments and very few of the characters develop further, aside from Ron and Harry. But still, it’s pretty damned impressive.

There’s less of the arty direction that we saw in the last one, no freezing flowers or seasons changing across the landscape shots. In fact, you’d be hard pushed to tell that school terms changed at all and the whole thing didn’t happen across just two weeks.

As with every indie kid on the LJ, I was a happy lady when Jarvis appeared, though I wished the dance scene were a little longer, it was one of my favourite bits of the book.

The film itself seemed bloody long but when you sit back and remember each separate tri-wizard event it all seems far too short in terms of scene content. The maze is pretty much – some mist, someone getting in danger, some more mist, head boy in trouble, grab cup – boom! – graveyard. I’m sure there was more to it than that.

The second event is a little confused too, it’s hard to work out how each contestant is doing and just what Harry is up to.

There were thoughts about making this film into two separate features and I’m beginning to think that might have been better. I guess they’re working against puberty though, Harry’s already looking a bit too old. You can some some hairs going on in the bath scene.


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Three big things happened this weekend…

This is the first. The rest will be talked about later in the day.

emma and matt

This piece of pop pairing means that for about two minutes I was stood about 2 metres away from Mr Matt Busted on Friday night.

I was drinking cheap cocktails in a shitty bar in Camden and there he was. Girl in my dept, sitting with Emma, who was sitting with Matt. It’s a beautiful pop chain.

This would have obviously been more exciting if he was James or Charlie, or any one of McFly. Or for that matter, anyone who isn’t slightly overweight, unshaven and with bad hair. But hey, he did used to be in Busted.


November 18, 2005

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Despite having not really done much I feel very very busy.

This week hasn’t been that chokka, but maybe the prospect of the next 6 weeks is just lurking like a big thundercloud in one of my desk drawers.

Last Saturday I braved Frog in some very high white stilettos. It was a look that I’m hoping appeared classier that it sounds, but I’m not so sure. Needless to say after about an hour and half I could barely walk. I used to be good in heels and now after months of trainers I just can’t cope. I forced the swish to leave straight after The Chalets’ set and tried to walk down TCR in bare feet.

I went to see Test Icicles last night, for what seemed like the hundredth time. If I’m honest I was a little bored by it all, sure they’re amazing, but there is a limit to how much I can be entertained by the same three men on a fortnightly basis.

I also got slightly irate because someone near us stunk of scalp. That horrid stale warm hair smell. Oh, it was horrible. It might of just been cheap hair wax but it was making me gag. We also went home before the Bizzle, which disappointed me somewhat.

Sunday will bring with it the culmination of all my childhood dreams – the Smash Hits Pollwinners Party. Needless to say, I am spazzing over it already. This is because Friday Hill are approximately 956% more brilliant/emap (delete as appropriate) than Test Icicles. I am most excited by the best haircut categories of course.


November 9, 2005

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There have been some things this week that have made me happy…

1. Leaving early from The White Stripes last night. Despite them being quite raunchy sounding, they were dull. We left as soon as Jack started playing glockenspiel.
2. McFly releasing Ultraviolet as the next single. Its about summertime, which is slightly inappropriate but its great nonetheless.
3. Popstar Feets getting its third NME mention this week. All courtesy of Mr Argos.
4. The Chalets playing Frog on Saturday.
5. Getting a Girls Aloud bag.
6. Getting invites to the Son Of Dork album launch party

Things that have made me sad

1. Interviewing the Greenhornes. They were lovely lads, but not my cuppa tea where bands are concerned. ie – they’re a bit shit.
2. McFly releasing Ballad Of Paul K as the flip side to Ultraviolet. Its just wrong. Songs about alcoholism and depression should be left to Sting.
3. The tube being a waste of time.

Thus concluding I am twice as happy as I am sad. Which is excellent news, and in itself probably boosts my happiness rating to slightly over twice as much. Hurrah.