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October 12, 2005

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I have reached a worrying point where I am reading the NME to learn about new bands. This is not good. Ok, so NME has gone through a bit of a makeover, and now has a little bit more in the way of music news, but that is not the point. Its still a lame situation to be in.

What happened? I used to be reasonably clued up. I have not listened to anything new in the last two months. That’s if you don’t include pop.

My last fortnight of ipod/stereo time has mainly included…

1. The new Rachel Stevens album
2. Kelly Osbourne
3. Test-icicles
4. Lovebites
5. Jay Z – The Black Album
6. Kelis – Tasty
7. Joni Mitchell – Blue
8. Coco Rosie
9. McFly
10. Emiliana Torrini

The new Ricky Martin album landed on my desk about 2 hours ago and I actually squealed with delight. Watching the Will Young video yesterday made me grin from ear to ear. You don’t even want to know what I did when I saw the new Girls Aloud vid.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love my pop. Listening to new boyband albums is one of my favourite pastimes, but there used to be a healthy mix of new pop and new indie listening going on.

I blame all this on a few reasons.

1. I like albums, not singles. I don’t want to be glued to my ipod buttons on my work commute every day. I’d rather just press play and sit there. New pop bands have an album out within about 3 months, not 3 years. And yes, I know that playlists exist, they’re just tedious to sit and prepare.
2. Having a job and no time to trawl the internet for fun stuff
3. Not having iTunes at work
4. Artrocker no longer being delivered to our work reception. I ain’t walking.

Maybe I’ll leave the world of indie rock forever. There is enough decent pop for me to live on for the rest of my life. Oh, I hope not. I wish something would kick start me back into my long lost home of scummy bands.

Lets just hope this Ricky Martin album is really terrible then or I’ll be filling out the form for the Smash Hits subscription.


October 7, 2005

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After last week being almost completely McFly filled this week has been sponsored by Test-Icicles.

I went to go see them on Monday at the Garage. It was a bit bizarre, not many people there and far too many moshing kids trying to stage dive into a crowd of four. I wasn’t in the best of moods after a minor head hitting floor too hard incident about 5 minutes before we had to leave, and if I’m honest it was a little too noisy for my liking.

They were tight, and have improved massively since the days of seeing them with a 4 song set. Sam is still the sexiest little minx going, I bet he baths in pure hair conditioner. The crowd just weren’t into it, people clapped a little but noone seemed to know the songs. I think maybe I keep expecting them to be bigger than they are, the Swish and I have liked them for ages and are slightly obsessed with them. I guess a lot of people don’t spazz (core) over them as much as we do.

The daft comedian they roped into do an interval and the massive MySpace sponsorship didn’t help with atmosphere issues either. That and the daft amounts of hip-hop being DJ-ed.

They came in to film Gonzo Introduces on Thursday morning, so rather than tackle the mound of work on my desk I wandered over to watch them film it. It was very very funny. They started the interview without Zane Lowe, just being asked questions from behind the camera. Dev and Rory were ace, answering the questions well, laughing lots and looking relaxed. The Sex Minx however was a completely different story. He sat there with his hood up and fringe over his eyes, refusing to show his face and only speaking his name during the ‘Hi! We’re Test-Icicles’ bit. Even when they talked about his remixes he still sat there in silence with his head down.

Needless to say that when Zane came in for the rest of the interview Sam was sat outside on a chair away from the studio. I do wish he’d have decided to sit on my lap instead of the chair though.


October 2, 2005

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My oh my. The expectations were high and oh how they were surpassed.

Thursday did indeed bring McFly into work and if I’m honest I did think loads about what I’d wear that morning. I went for the classy old cleavage and big necklace option. I spent the morning being ridiculed by work peeps about how excited I was and how I’d stalk them. Little did they know…. By about lunchtime everyone in my department had run into at least one member of McFly, just not me. This was not fair. After taking the long route out the building via the dressing rooms and still not seeing them I’d kinda resided to the fact I was never going to see them.

But then…

Oh my god. Danny, Dougie and Tom were sat in our work cafe. I had to find reason to go down there. I’m drinking nettle tea at the moment and so don’t generally use our work cafe, the food is shit and the coffee is even worse. But there I was, clutching my pound piece ready to queue up and get myself a coffee. I was about half a meter away from them for about three whole minutes. I even put sugar in my coffee (something I usually never do) just so I could spend longer in their presence. I managed to convince the lovely Alex to go back down the cafe with me just so I could get another bit of perverted teenage boy fun. It gets better though…Danny kinda eyed me up. Like about 3 times! I did pretty much have my boobs hanging out, but thats not the point ok?

It was an amazing day.

Friday I was ill. Boring.

Saturday was THE BIG DAY. We had our tickets for McFly in our grubby hands and nothing was going to quell our excitement. We spent the whole day glamming up, working out what to wear and listening to the entire McFly back cat on random.

A bit of gin later, sitting in the wrong seats to begin with and then moving to pretty much nearly the front I was very much shaking with excitement. It was brilliant. They had pyrotechnics, spinning drumkits and giant inflatable legs on stage. They made rude jokes about the size of Tom’s cock and Dougie looked hot hot hot. I sang and danced and screamed, then sang, danced and screamed a bit more.

We were of course the oldest there without kids in tow. I think I was the only one there who menstruates, everyone else had either never started or stopped long ago. The kids loved it all and god, did they make a lot of noise. Poor old Swish couldn’t cope with all the noise, spending most of the applauding bits with his fingers in his ears.

Heres some pretty pix. I think everyone should take note that indie gigs are shit and pop is the new way forward. Dustins Bar Mitzvah don’t have fireworks or their own orchestras. Therefore they are shit.








After McFly we headed over to Frog, queuing for fucking ages. It seems there’s more guestlist peeps than normal paying plebs now. Ugh. The outrage.

Half an hour of standing in front of some really homophobic boarding school kids (“G-A-Y, shouldn’t it be called A-I-D-S?”) and I wasn’t in the highest of party spirits. Finding out that the once lovely uptairs bar now only plays The Beatles and The Who, and that its still boiling hot and full of girls who elbow made me even more glum. But soon Candy and Jack turned up and we danced and watched the Long Blondes who as always were cute and sounded pretty.

We watched Jeremy Warmsley upstairs too and met him after for a shoe shot. He was really charming, lovely. I was in the best mood.